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Jaseena Backer is a Psychologist. The world knows her as a Parenting Strategist and Gender Connoisseur . She raises her voice using her words

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toxic mother
How She Finally Walked Away from her Toxic Mother…

As a psychologist, I came across this woman who took a step away from her toxic mother, but then began feeling guilty & unsure!  

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narcissistic mothers
How To Identify A Narcissistic Mom And Deal With The Toxicity & Trauma Caused?

The world refuses to believe mothers can be toxic, what they forget is that mothers too are human beings, and can be extremely flawed at times, like narcissistic mothers.

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Ignored As The Only Woman At A Workshop, I Finally Stood On My Chair To Be Seen And Heard

I was the only woman along with 27 men at a 2-day life skills workshop, and was completely ignored all day including by faculty, until I did something unusual and in-your-face.

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How To Foster Creative Thinking In Your Child

Here is how to foster creative thinking in your child and give imagination a free rein.

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Unfair and Lovely

An article about India and its obsession for fair skin.

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Don’t Cut Queues, I Am Waiting: Teaching Children Good Manners

Teaching children good manners happens both inside and outside the house. Parents themselves have to practice what they teach.

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Helping Women To Be More Productive At Work Starts With Home

Helping women to be more productive at the workplace is not rocket science. The first step is to create an atmosphere of shared work at home.

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When A Child Speaks Her Mind, What Do You Do?

Kids can be brutally honest, while speaking their minds. A mother recounts, how to let kids be honest, yet not be rude to someone.

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How To Deal With Your Child’s Substance Abuse

In this post, the writer talks about 5 stages, parents go through on discovery of their child's substance abuse and finally ways to recover from it.

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On Father’s Day, Filing An IPC FF To Recognise The Father Factor

Though it is often the mothers who share the limelight when we think of parenting, as this writer makes her case, fathers are far not behind.

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Teaching Children To Share Begins At Home!

Teaching children to share begins at home – not with lectures, but by example and by using teachable moments. I asked her, “You finished all of it?” This could be coming from a mother who was excited that her picky eater had finished the entire fruit all by herself. Pediatricians say that the biggest anxiety […]

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Cautious With Every Step: How Do We Keep Children Safe?

Predators who prey on children are rarely 'obvious' criminals. How do we keep children safe while encouraging them to explore the world?

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RIP Freedom: The Woman’s Checklist To Being Safe In Public

The checklist of things to ensure women's safety in public places grows ever longer. How can this be compatible with Freedom?

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Size Matters: The Drama In Shopping For Clothes With Your Child

When clothes shopping with your child, do you expect her to buy a larger size to accommodate a future growth spurt? A lesson in living in the present.

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Lessons From Travelling In The Venus Compartment

A chance journey in the 'Venus' compartment ('for ladies only') makes for an unusual experiences and leaves this author with some lessons too.

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Marital Rape In India: We Value ‘Institutions’ Over Women

Parliament refuses to criminalise marital rape in India. How long will we focus on saving 'culture' at the cost of women?

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