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Seema Mishra Rinki Sharma
Changemakers Seema Mishra & Rinki Sharma Get Govt To Regulate Price Of Sanitizers And Masks

Changemakers Seema Mishra and Rinki Sharma have successfully made a petition to regulate prices of essentials like sanitisers and mask during the Coronavirus pandemic, keeping these accessible to everyone.

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period leaves petition
Tharoor’s Tweet On Menstrual Leave For Women Has Started A Critical Debate

Shashi Tharoor's tweet about supporting period leave petition might well have begun a discussion that is essential to have - on women's menstrual health.

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Malaika Arora Loses Sight Of Her Own Privilege In Her Insta Post Telling Women How They Can Be Happy

Malaika Arora's Women's Day post still glorified women as strong and happy. While, not wrong, it somewhat shames women who try to speak up and out.

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Will Classist Indian Society Accept The Love Story Between A Man And Domestic Worker In SIR?

In a highly class conscious society like India, will the love between a domestic help and the very eligible bachelor she works for gain legitimacy? Watch Sir - Is Love Enough.

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what do women want
5 Indian Women Tell Us What They Want From The PM For Women’s Day 2020

#SheInspiresUs is going viral after PM Modi declared he will hand over his social media handles to inspiring women on International Women's Day. So, what do Indian women want from the govt?

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‘Don’t Fall In Love With A Married Man,’ Says Neena Gupta But No Word About The Man’s Infidelity!

Neena Gupta blames the 'other woman' in her latest video about not falling in love with a married man. Why don't we ever blame the man for his infidelity?

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Dear Girls, Be Who You Want To Be, Not Just A ‘Lady’

'Be a lady' is one of the most common things most of us has heard and with a viral and very powerful video, it has been pushed on us once again. Can we just be us?

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Special Marriage Act 1954
All You Need To Know About The Special Marriage Act, 1954, That Facilitates Inter-Faith Marriages

India's Special Marriage Act, 1954 provides refuge to consenting adults belonging to different faiths, and wishing to marry each other. Here's all you need to know.

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Indian women athletes
8 Indian Women Athletes Who Will Inspire Our Girls For A Long Time Ahead

These 8 Indian women athletes have proved their mettle in the international scene again and again, even with meagre support from our sports authorities, and often against the strictures of patriarchy.

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Surekha Yadav woman train driver
Surekha Yadav Is The Small Town Girl Who Became Asia’s 1st Female Train Driver In The ’80s

Meet Surekha Yadav, who became a certified locomotive driver in the Indian Railways in 1989, and is the driver of the 1st Ladies Special in Mumbai. 

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Taapsee Has Her Own Amazing Identity, So Why Call Her A Female Ayushmann Khurrana?

Taapsee Pannu was compared to Ayushmann Khurrana by a producer after she women the Best Actress award, recently. It's 2020, let women have their own benchmarks!

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Women's Day 2020
Women’s Day 2020: 15 Things Women Can Pledge To Do For Other Women

For Women's Day 2020 the theme is #EachForEqual - what can each of us do to bring up other women to equal? Can we do something concrete?

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women in command
Supreme Court Rules Against Centre: Women Can Now Hold Command Posts In Indian Army

Indian women officers in the army can now be given permanent commission and hold command posts, says a recent SC ruling, which overturns a sexist directive by the Centre.

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Virgin Tree Puja
Grow Up Hindu College Boys, Enough With Toxic Male Traditions Like Virgin Tree Puja!

Pinjra Tod's Instagram page recently had a couple of posts about Delhi University's Hindu College, highlighting the toxic masculine 'tradition' of Virgin Tree Puja on campus.

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women in command positions
In A Regressive Move, Centre Reduces Women In The Armed Forces To Their Domestic Obligations

Women in the armed forces too can now expect to be kept away from command positions because they "won't be accepted by male troops" and "it will interfere with their domestic obligations"!

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Release Of Former Union Minister Chinmayanand Gives A Whole New Meaning To The Term ‘Victim Blaming’

Former Union Minister Chinmayanand was granted bail in the case of raping a law student. The High Court didn't even consider it a case of rape. Victim blaming, much?

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Taking Women To Newer Heights Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company Helps Local Women Be More Self-Reliant

If you're planning a solo trekking trip to Ladakh, the Ladakhi Women's Travel Company is for you. Run by women and for women, it is exactly what you need!

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Celebrating Life In Pink, Students Of Bangalore’s Mount Carmel College Donate Hair For Cancer Patients

At a recent inter-collegiate and inter-school, French Festival, more than 150 students and teachers donated their hair cancer patients. We are loving this inspiring story!

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Women Authors Are Bagging Awards & How!

At the recent Crossword Book Awards, held at Crossword Bookstores, Kemps Corner on 14th January 2020, we saw women authors shining in the limelight.

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Former Cricketer Snehal Pradhan: Women Need To Lift Each Other Up To Create A Mark

Former cricketer, commentator, sports journalist and YouTuber Snehal Pradhan says women need to support each other to succeed. We couldn't agree more!

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Geetika Vidya Ohlyan Won Many Hearts With Her Stance Against CAA-NRC On Rajeev Masand’s Roundtable

Newcomer Geetika Vidya Ohlyan's bold stand against the CAA and NRC was appreciated by the citizens. It is her badassery that is making us appreciate her!

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On Her 189th Birth Anniversary, Here Is Why Savitribai Phule’s Feminist Ideas Are Still Relevant

India's first school headmistress Savitribai Phule was a woman way ahead of her times. Her ideas about feminism and women's right are relevant even today.

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Ambitious Girl To Chief Minister – Queen Tells A Gripping Story Of One Female Politician

If the story of a young ambitious girl with dreams in her eyes becoming a CM, fascinates you, MX Player's newest drama Queen is made just for you!

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School Principal Throws Acid On Former Student – But Teachers Can’t Commit Crimes, Can They?

A girl in Mumbai had acid thrown on her by her former school principal for complaining against a teacher. Do we need to rethink the revering of teachers?

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9 Women Who Won In The Jharkhand Elections That You Need To Know All About

While only 9 women won in the recent Jharkhand elections, it's interesting that they all have no criminal records. High time we have more women politics?

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