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Single mom to a lovely daughter, blogger and Founder at Sanity Daily. An NLP practitioner, advocating Mental health since 2016. Among the top 15 Mental Health Bloggers, read in 60 Countries. Helping you priortise your mental health.

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Single Mother in India
5 Major Struggles — Being A Single Mother In India

Being a single mother in India is an everyday battle! I can narrow down 5 most common challenges which we face on a daily basis and how to ...

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feeling anxious
5 Tips To Stop Feeling Anxious In A Relationship And Be Kinder To Yourself

If you are anything like me, you probably worry about feeling anxious in your relationships. How can you deal with it? Here are some tips.

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12 Reasons How Your Stress May Be Affecting Your Child And How To Deal With It

Do you think your stress affects your child? Here's why it might affect them more than you know and what you can do to avoid it affecting the child.

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Know All About Maternal Mental Health In Women

We struggle hard to make people believe that mental illness is for real and women or men going through it are not playing victims or doing things to seek attention, they just need to have listened.

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I Was A Bundle Of Stress Before I Tried These 15 Effective Ways To Fight Stress!

How to fight stress and live a relaxed life. Quite often this bothers us and we try to take measures to fix it. Here are 15 ways to fight it and be calm.

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10 Signs To Identify If Someone Has A Mental Illness And Why We Need To Talk About It

Why do we still shy away from talking about a topic as serious as mental illness? Isn't it time we finally opened up and spoke about it? Dealt with it?

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10 Hard Hitting Lesser Known Facts About Mental Health

We talk a lot about being happy and well-equipped but miss the basic essentialities of our life. We cease to exist the day we cease to practice humanity. Stay human now, today and every day.

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‘Although’ Your Skin Colour Is Dark, You Have Beautiful Features…

From a very young age, a number of us are shamed and discriminated about the colour of our skin. Why is fair always lovey, wonders the writer!

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Decreasing Attention Span Affecting Quality Of Life For Next Generations

People with a more digital lifestyle, who are multi-screeners, social media enthusiasts, find it hard to focus on an environment where extended attention is needed.

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A Train Down The Memory Lane

Train travel is always nostalgic to me. It takes you back to a memory lane you have long ago visited in your life.

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narcissistic mother-in-law
5 Ways To Stay Sane While Dealing With A Narcissistic Mother-In-Law

Do you believe that you are dealing with a narcissistic mother-in-law? Here are five signs that she is narcissist and five ways to deal with her.

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5 Blogging Mistakes Every New Blogger Should Avoid

Every blogger makes a few blogging mistakes - but these also offer a lot of learning. As a part of the blogging community I feel it is my duty to share what I have learned as a blogger during my short journey.

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how to deal with in laws
8 Ways You Can Deal Living With In-Laws While Remaining Stress Free

“How to deal with living with in-laws?” is a question that is important for any individual sharing their home with their spouse’s parents.

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How Minimalism & Decluttering Can Have A Life-Changing Impact On You

Minimalism and Decluttering are two words that are currently quite popular. But how do they really help you? Find out here! 

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The Wabi Sabi Life Of Embracing Imperfections

From seeking beauty in peace to finding joy in flaws, we learn to accept the flawed beauty of life existing around us.

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Blogging Is ‘Svantah Sukhaya’ For Me : My #BustAMyth Story

Returning to work was not easy after this long gap, but in between, I developed my writing skills and upgraded myself in this field by learning some basic fundamentals of blogging.

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Bollywood Stars And Their Stories To Cope With Mental Conditions

Its not easy being under the watchful eye of the public who will not waste a single chance to shred your image into pieces.

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Myths About Blogging That Every Aspiring Blogger Should Drop

For all the aspiring bloggers, before you take it up as a career, here are some of the major myths about blogging, demystified!

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Psychological Benefits Of Physical Activities On Mental Health

We can improve our quality of life by adopting physical activities in our daily life. Say yes to life. 

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Social Media Handles and Mental Health

Do not focus on building followers, focus on building your tribe as they will always feed you with a positive vibe.

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Who Are They?

Successful women are always met with haters.. those who want to like them but the male ego prevents them from admitting their true feelings.

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The Power Of Being In The Moment

When you believe in yourself, the universe comes together to serve success to you.

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The Rising Fees And Rapidly Changing Education System In India

In our times the best school was the school which used to win the maximum trophies in sports and academics but nowadays it’s about the amount of fees the school charges.

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Dead End

Experience the myriad of emotions though the author's words that you feel at the stage of self actualization.

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For You To Decide

You write your own story and are the master of your own destiny. What happens with your life is for you to decide!

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Many Try To Break The Will Of Moms Returning To Work, But NO – We Are Not Giving Up

Getting back in the workforce after a career break is a tough process for women. It is important for companies to make them welcome, rather than try to demean their skills or passion. 

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What Holds You Back?

What holds one back? What holds you back? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? If not, then please do it right away.

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A Hole In My Soul

When you have a hole in your soul, how do you experience love and other emotions?

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Love is Colourblind

Celebrate the true nature of love... colourful, soothing and everlasting

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The feeling when you enjoy your own company.. your dreams and aspirations are your only companions

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Enrouting To Self

It is time women start priortizing themselves for their own happiness..

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When A Child Talks To You, Listen To Even What Is Unsaid; You Just Might Prevent A Tragedy!

What is going so wrong for our children, that we hear so many cases of suicide in teens and young adults? Are we listening to what they say? 

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Let Me Shine!

A poem wherein the poet delves into the alleys of self-exploration. Read on!

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Say No To Toxic People And Lead Happier Lives

It does no good to bear toxic people who hamper your well-being. Throw them away from your life, says the author.

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I Will Not Quit!

A poem which talks about positivity and moving ahead despite all odds, defeating the external demons.

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