Blogging Is ‘Svantah Sukhaya’ For Me : My #BustAMyth Story

Returning to work was not easy after this long gap, but in between, I developed my writing skills and upgraded myself in this field by learning some basic fundamentals of blogging.

Every year hundreds of women quit their jobs in order to raise their children. Some have to quit work right after the wed-lock.  Although the reason for quitting a job defers from woman to woman we should all give ourselves a second chance.

Raising a child and taking care of the family is not less than a job in itself, a full-time duty which we all do happily and religiously.

But there remains a part of us deep inside, screaming and yelling in search of our identity. This often happens with educated and experienced women.

My Return To Work Story

I am an MBA in finance and I have worked for around six years in full- time job. From last two years, I am working as a Content Writer and six months back I turned myself into a full-time Blogger. For WHOM? FOR MY DREAMS.

For me, it was neither marriage nor motherhood which led me to quit my job it was something unexpected right at the time when I was doing well in my career.

I was diagnosed with Lymph node Tubercular and was at a very critical stage. In order to survive, I had to undergo the long one-year treatment and for that, I had to quit my job.

Just after six-seven months of my treatment when I started feeling a little stable, I found myself trapped in the feelings of depression, anxiety, and high mood swings. I found myself in the no-hope zone.

Reason: Health loss, financial loss, and my body were not supporting my never-say-die attitude, I was trapped within me.

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People around me would say it is all because of the heavy medication and treatment, but I knew my life was no more the same, I was unhealthy, I will not be able to work for some time and I felt very restricted.

I had my little daughter by my side. She was merely 2.5 years old that time and she once said that, “Mama I can’t see you like this anymore. Why have you stopped applying lipsticks and kajal now?” As she had always seen me that way even when I was at home.

Her innocent gaze and beautiful words gave a boost to my inner-strength and I decided not to waste this precious life and let nothing, no illness, no sign of depression ruin what I have inside me.

I was weak, I was ill, but something inside me was still alive.

I needed a getaway.. I needed a passion to fuel my dreams. I loved writing since my teenage days and I identified my passion for writing. I created my first blog Virtual Siyahi, clueless about the blogging world, I entered in it.

The more I got consistent, the more I learned and upgraded my skills in this field and the more I understood the potential this field holds for me as a career.


Blogging is not merely writing and posting a blog for me. It is like one of my daily rituals. This is what kept me alive and gave me a reason to look forward and look ahead. Most of anything this busted a myth that we can never start over again.

MBA in finance and today a featured blogger, Mental Health Awareness Promoter and a published author….it has been a long journey. My first book “26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier You” is my very first published work and a very small attempt from my side to spread some Mental Health Awareness  It got me a “Best Book in the Category” certification and a wonderful trophy. My first trophy as a writer.

Priyanka Nair

This is what I Love About Blogging

Today I write daily, I learn daily. I grow with each mistake I commit and apart from it, I have turned my blog into my second career by providing content writing services which help me earn something in return of my writing skills.

Returning to work was not easy after this long gap, but in between, I developed my writing skills and upgraded myself in this field by learning some basic fundamentals of blogging.

Blogging gave me a voice, to inform, to inspire and to connect with amazing people around the world. I am happy. Svantah Sukhaya (What gives happiness to oneself)

Moral of the story is that ANYBODY can start ANYDAY. There is nothing we can do to amend the past and the present is all we have. NOW is all we know so make the most of it. We can start fresh and new every day. Life is all about trials and errors, learning and growing with each passing phase.

If you have a passion, fuel it with your purpose and let nothing dim that light which shines from within and don’t let a break in your career become a break in your ambition.

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