I Was A Bundle Of Stress Before I Tried These 15 Effective Ways To Fight Stress!

How to fight stress and live a relaxed life. Quite often this bothers us and we try to take measures to fix it. Here are 15 ways to fight it and be calm.

How to fight stress and live a relaxed life. Quite often this bothers us and we try to take measures to fix it. Here are 15 ways to fight it and be calm.

The advent of technology gave rise to competition which led to the instinct of the survival of the fittest to grow. And all this ultimately boosted the never-ending rat-race which results in all of us being stressed.

Everyone is going somewhere, following someone, or doing something. But if you ask anyone why they hustle, very few will have an answer based on reflection and introspection. I believe that we don’t need to answer since we don’t question others. However, all the pressure of the hustle is wreaking havoc in everyone’s lives.

At any given time, we all dealing with a number of issues- be it financial instability, career challenges, relationship issues or deadlines. And while we pay attention to our physical health, we often forget our mental well-being.

Owing to all this, we experience moments of extreme stress and seek help and support around us. Strong support in the form of family, friends, a partner or even a child can be very helpful when you’re going through something.

Reasons for stress in our life

All of us go through various phases in life- we lose a partner, a job, parents or money. Some people lose their peace of mind and the calm that comes with it. But what matters the most is how we fight stress, maintain the inner-balance and manage not lose ourselves.

15 ways to fight stress

How to fight stress and remain calm? Why do we need to remain stress-free at all? Here are fifteen handy ways to fight stress. These are based on my personal experiences and I hope you find them helpful.


Meditation can be practiced for as few as 10 minutes each day. It can help you control stress, decrease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health, and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation.

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Exercise is very good at diffusing stress, it is just that the first step to adapt any form of exercise into our lifestyle is the biggest challenge for most. With proper and regular exercise, you burn off stress hormones instead of letting them pile up and cause pressure.

Set realistic goals

We set new year goals, new year new me goals, career goals, relationship goals. Quite often, we do it to please, and impress others. We overlook our own capacity to meet the set target.

It is always advisable to set realistic goals and know your capacity. You may be slow but you will be 100 percent successful in accomplishing your goals this way.

Get rid of unrealistic expectations

Expectations hurt, yes. This is one of the biggest life-lesson I have learned.

We expect so many things form our spouse, parents, siblings, friends and kids. So much so, that unknowingly, we depend upon them for our happiness. And when they don’t do things as we expected, we feel bad, agitated and stressed.

Get rid of your expectations and free yourself.

Try chamomile tea

Caffeine has somehow proven to increase the anxiety levels of people and it also disturbs sleep patterns. I am a coffee person but I noticed that whenever I consumed more than two cups of coffee, I felt anxious and restless. So I replaced it with green tea and chamomile tea and it helped me relax.

Restorative Yoga

Yogasanas is rejuvenating. Nothing beats yoga and pranayama to connect with your own body. It is like nurturing your soul with body postures and breathing in and out.

Visit a counsellor

You can always seek help from a professional if you are on the verge of burnout or if you feel dark and distressed. Sometimes we take things casually but it results in more harm than you can imagine.

Spend time with yourself

Connect with yourself. Go for a walk alone, play your favourite music, grab those headphones and go for a nature walk. While you listen to music and spend with yourself amidst nature, you will feel lighter and more energised than before.

Organise Meet-ups

There is this option of arranging meet-ups within your area of interest. You can organise meet-ups at your house or a cafe and form a group. Here, you can initiate a discussion on any topic, and is a way to connect with like-minded people. When you are under stress you look for people who understand you and could resonate with your thoughts.

Pick up a good series on Netflix

Choose Netflix, Amazon Prime or any web streaming service and pick up a series and watch it. You will have something to look forward and it will keep you distracted. However, I would not suggest binge-watching any series.


Sleeping is the best escape. I mostly sleep when I feel stressed or when I find tired. We tend to stretch ourselves like we our cell phones, going on till that one percent is left. And then we feel exhausted and drained out.

Go to bed, sleep well and recharge yourself!

Explore your city

Have you ever taken a heritage walk in your own city? There has to be something unique and special about your city! So, just grab your phone, camera, water, and some food and go on a tour to see your city.

Go admire new places, and discover things you didn’t know!


I always say this- write what hurts and write it loud and clear. If you cannot tell others about how you are feeling, tell it yourself. Write it out.

Maintain a daily journal, write about your day, what made you sad and what made you happy. It will help you track your mood and maybe you will be able to identify your triggers.

Join a book club

If a lot can happen over a coffee, I am sure a 300-page book will have a lot to offer. Join a library or a book club. There are specific book clubs dedicated to readers, search one in your city and attend a meet.

Read books and live with the imaginary characters, get some useful information while you also relax.

Take a break

It works like a wonder. When nothing seems to be working, just switch off for a while. Take social media detox. Be less accessible. Stay away from things that stress you out. And just take time to recharge, and heal.

It is totally okay to take a break and just be. There are times you absolutely deserve it!

These points I mentioned, aren’t from another planet. These are things that can be followed regularly. So why not follow them and lead a stress-free life?

Do let me know if you have any similar hacks!

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