Myths About Blogging That Every Aspiring Blogger Should Drop

Posted: July 29, 2019

For all the aspiring bloggers, before you take it up as a career, here are some of the major myths about blogging, demystified!

Recently blogging had become so popular as to almost be some sort of a craze or a fashion among individuals. Many feel like it is a cakewalk and an easy way to earn money. However, before taking up blogging as a full-time career, it is extremely important to know certain myths about blogging.

First things first, blogging is not as easy as it appears to be. A lot of people feel that you just write something, and you get paid for it.

Not everyone who writes can become a good blogger. Why? A lot of investment in terms of time, patience and little money is required when one is serious about making a career in the blogging world.

One needs to read, connect with other bloggers and write regularly in order to enhance their writing skills. It is a continuous learning process and over a period once you’ve gained momentum, you gain yourself an audience. You identify your niche area and then comes the time when you can make a sustainable mark in the blogging world with your consistency and rich content.

Secondly, when you are just a beginner you may start with a random topic for your blog, some poetry, some stories or general information. But once you start getting views and visitors to your blog and if you want them to seriously return to your blog, you need to be consistent with your content. And that will only happen when you will adopt a niche or a theme for your blog. You can always divide your blog into two to three niches and categorise them.

A quick tip: You are the host of your blog and the readers or visitors are the guests, treat them right and you will be appreciated for your courtesy and the content that you offer. 

How to decide where to blog

Now you may be confused whether you want to go for a paid blog or a free one, a self-hosted one or a free account. Let me tell you it depends upon your vision as a blogger, ask yourself these simple questions first:

*Do you really want to become a blogger or just want to blog because you think it is trending?

*Is it just a means to pass leisure time or is it your hobby?

*Are you ready to dedicate at least one hour daily to your blog, to understand the blogging world?

*Will you be patient in your initial days when you will hardly get any views or visitors?

If the answers are ‘YES’, then congratulations, you have the right mindset before starting your own blog.

For beginners, I would suggest going for a free blog account at or Blogger and start experimenting with your content. Once you get a hold on it you can buy a domain and server space anytime to monetise your blog.

Secondly, if you are all ready with the content and have something to offer to the wider audience and want to make a living through your ideas, you can open a self-hosted blog on or any other service provider like GoDaddy.

Remember, content is the key – no matter how much money you invest in making your blog look beautiful or appealing, if your content doesn’t appeal to the readers, you will start losing out in the race.

Here are some more points to keep in mind to before starting your blog:

*Try to learn basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

*Write longer posts. Google loves long content (more than 1000 words)

*Blogging is not about you, it is about your target audience.

*Identify a niche and develop it

*You can also create vlogs, podcasts, picture blogs depending on your area of expertise and interest.

*Promote your blog on various social media platforms.

*Blogging can help you earn money, but it needs a lot of hard work, the kind one needs to build a business.

Finally, even though blogging requires tremendous hard work and patience trust me, the rewards – in the form of comments, recognition and connecting with the various bloggers from the corners of the world offer no less than a sense of accomplishment.

Blogging opens different avenues for the ones who take it seriously. Other than earning money through monetising your blog, you can turn yourself into an Author from a Blogger in no time with consistent and quality content. And once you make your way through blogging there is no looking back.

I am sure you will enjoy your journey as a blogger.

Happy Blogging!

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