A Hole In My Soul

Posted: March 19, 2019

I plead, for the love I desire

I please, for you to admire

I can’t keep anything to me

as I got a hole in my soul


My one track mind

leads me to nowhere

As I get up every day and find my self in the same place

As I got a hole in my soul


For all the love

all the emotion

I reach nowhere no matter how much I stroll

as I got a hole in my soul


It is killing me now and forever

it is a place I don’t want to be ever

I am numb and I could succumb

any time any moment

as I have a hole in my soul


I try to bury my feelings

as deep down as possible

but it’s not in my control

as I have got a hole in my soul


Image via Pixabay

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