I Will Not Quit!

Posted: December 17, 2018

A poem which talks about positivity and moving ahead despite all odds, defeating the external demons.


You said things which I never heard before,

You took me to a place, I never visited in my life.

You left me in a state, which I never thought existed.

and then you moved on..


I tried to shut the door,

Seeking closure.

You came back, I reopened the door,

But you came to see me fail.

You thought I would quit,

I would pack up and go home.



You won’t find me at the place, you last saw me,

I rose my level higher.

I am a little more aggressive and more filled with deep desire.

You came to backlash my spirit, but it just got doubled.

I have woven courage in my skin, which you can’t fire.

I breathe unshakable spirit from nature’s positivity.


The universe is abundant.

It has got a place for everyone in spite of all the negativity.

Make your own place, do not push me to make some space,

Raise your level higher do not try to pull me down,

As I am up and moving ahead, fixing my broken crown.


Image Source: Pexels

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