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Raising My Son In The #MeToo Era

A mother writes a heart-felt letter to her son post the #MeToo movement, telling him to respect women and grow up to be a responsible individual.

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This Time I Will Give Myself A Second Chance. Because I Deserve It!

But something changed, and she was compelled to think. Not about the menu, but about herself. She was 29. But when she glanced at her face on the flipside of the plate she just washed, she seemed 40. Tired, beyond her years.

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She Longed For Her Husband’s Love, But All She Could Say Was, “Let’s Not Do It Tonight Please”

Its natural for women's body to change after pregnancy. Putting on weight after delivering a baby, it was impossible for Revathi to accept her changed body. 

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girl with a scarf
The Girl With A Scarf [#ShortStory]

Gaurav noticed something else about this honeymooning couple - that they never took pictures together. It was always Imaara clicking her husband.

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Things I Would Have Done Differently For My Wedding. Do You Have A Wedding Shopping Story?

Before you get married, the wedding shopping can end up feeling like the most important thing to do. 6 years on, a married woman has no illusions left about what really matters.

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Junk Food In Tiffins: To Give Or Not To Give?

Today's kids refuse to eat healthy food, and the only way to make them eat something is to give in to their demands of junk food in tiffins. 

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real boys don't cry
Find Out How To Deal With Your Preschooler’s Separation Anxiety And Save Yourself Heartache

Your toddler's separation anxiety can prevent him from enjoying time away from you, and also stress you out as a parent. Here is what you can do.

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Looking For Easy Breakfast Recipes? Here Are A Few Posts On Women’s Web You Must Read!

Looking for easy breakfast recipes that are healthy, packed with nutrition, yet simple to make despite the morning rush? Look no further.

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From Finance To Floss: Everyday Good Habits That Make You Happier

Happiness may arise in the moment, but it is often the result of good decisions made over years. Take a look at these everyday good habits we need!

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Not Always ‘Naturally’. New Moms have It Tough In The 15 Days Post Birth

These new mom tips are meant as much for people around mothers-to-be, as for the mom herself. Be kind!

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A Choice, Not A Sacrifice! [#ShortStory]

It was a choice she made, and calling it a sacrifice demeaned her decision to raise her son herself. 

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