Looking For Easy Breakfast Recipes? Here Are A Few Posts On Women’s Web You Must Read!

Looking for easy breakfast recipes that are healthy, packed with nutrition, yet simple to make despite the morning rush? Look no further.

Looking for easy breakfast recipes that are healthy, packed with nutrition, yet simple to make despite the morning rush? Look no further.

‘One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.’ Robert A. Heinlien. A perfect quote to sum up the importance of a wholesome breakfast.

Dietitians, nutritionists, health experts all over the world lay an emphasis on this first meal of the day. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but its also the most challenging. Getting ready for work is a race against the clock for most of us – whether it’s an extra hour dozing off in the bed, or taking a few more minutes bathing, whether its taking a little too long selecting what to wear to work or getting late to drop kids off to school, preparing breakfast (and often eating it too!) just adds one more thing to do in the morning rush.

Which is why we at Women’s Web have made a list of not just healthy but satisfying and easy to prepare breakfast recipes for your busy mornings, so that you and your family stay high up at health quotient. Of course, while we are at it, we haven’t forgotten to add one post which deals with more elaborate breakfast options for a lazy holiday morning!

Of South Indian breakfast recipes with chutneys

Indian households are not untouched by the concept of chutneys. It won’t be incorrect to mention here that we indeed were one of the first to have experimented with and given birth to these extraordinary kind of relishes. A good chutney can pep up any meal and breakfast is no exception. Team them up with idlis or put them in a sandwich – they won’t fail to surprise you. What better way to kickstart your day?

Here is the list of such amazing and finger licking chutneys. which are not just easy to prepare but also going to make that first meal of the day something to look forward to. Our personal favourite being Ginger chutney, it is perfectly textured, excellent for digestion, tasteful and can be accompanied with any cuisine you can think of. Paranthas, theplas, dosa, idlis, kathi rolls – this one here is an instant hit.

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Staying alone and cooking solo?

The next list of breakfast recipes is perfect for people who stay alone. They can be made at any time of the day and the left overs make a perfect ready to eat breakfast in bonus. They are super easy, very healthy and you can hog this food without worrying about calories.

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Paneer Frankie gets our vote for being a full on energy and sumptuous breakfast option. It will make it to those hungry bellies as soon as it hits the plate. Carbohydrates , fiber, calcium, you name it and this one has it. So it’s a complete win win for everyone.

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Want to combine easy breakfast recipes and tiffin ideas?

A woman’s job gets easy when breakfast and tiffin ideas can go hand in hand. This list of breakfast recipes can be prepared in a jiffy and packed with ease, so neither do you miss out on breakfast nor on a hearty lunch. Remember being careless with your health might not seem that great a deal now, but does have its consequences in a near future. So sit back and enjoy these recipes which the child in you will crave for each day.

Roti laddu is an epic breakfast option which will let you time travel to your childhood. It incorporates the left over chapatis from last night with the energy of ghee and the sweetness in it rendered by jaggery which cleanses our body and acts as a digestive agent. So chuck those calorie laden breakfast bars and try your hand at one of these.

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Hostel cooking – in a league of its own!

Student life is often tagged as the golden period of a persons life, and why not, your mind and body are at their personal best. New friends, new experiences and new recipes for those midnight pangs and wee hour study time. But as time takes its toll we let our health take a backseat busy coping with life’s stress.

Here we remind you of that golden era, an era of health by bringing to you most loved hostel recipes which will not only make up perfect breakfast recipes but also go easy on your pockets and a treat for your taste buds. A special mention to Raisin toast with mozzarella and berries. Perfect dose to beat those Monday morning blues. You could add your personal touch here by altering berries with fruits of your choice and availability, after all good food is all about innovation.

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‘Grab-and-go’ breakfast recipes

The best thing about the next list of culinary delicacies is that they rank no. 1 in my ‘I have to grab and go’ breakfast recipes. These savoury muffins will definitely be a hit amongst the entire family not just because they save time for the one who is having them but also for the one who makes them, as they can be prepared way in advance.

Super appetizing, and least messy for the kids. An added advantage is that they even help you stay off the extra sugar intake, thus making to our list of one of the best breakfast options. A special mention of the carrot and herbs muffin recipe, being rich in beta carotene from carrots, natural oils from nuts and high in calcium present in cheese. This one is an instant hit amongst toddlers too.

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Iron rich breakfast recipes

Anaemia is a modern days’ curse. From kids to the elders in the house, all fail to reach the desired haemoglobin levels. Blame it on our lifestyle or depreciating quality of food items. Here is a list of iron laden breakfast recipes, yummy sounding, yet packed with nutrition.

Dry fruit smoothie is a glass full of goodness as all it needs is a blending, and it’s ready to consume. Not just iron rich, this one is an elixir rich in vitamin C and Calcium, it aids in weight loss and concentration, is a perfect remedy for constipation, and marvellous when it comes to taste.

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Breakfast in a glass options

A quickly made drink packed with nutrition, that can be downed quickly on the way out of home, as you rush around getting a load of early morning chores done? We have brought for you a list of drinks which are not just perfect accompaniments with your meals, but could also be made early mornings for that power kick, just grab and go, and your health will be taken care of.

Litchi pineapple smoothie is a perfect breakfast option with the goodness of fruits and easy to make quickly. This recipe here takes less than 10 minutes to make, and even lesser time to consume, so enjoy this glass of goodness.

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And what about breakfast recipes for lazy holiday mornings?

Our Sunday specials here come as a breath of fresh air, and they are a perfect reason to make the entire family flock at the breakfast table and marvel at your cooking skills. These breakfast recipes become a perfect reason to make a family bond with all the extra help that you could use from your husband and kids.

Forget the unhealthy junk from a nearby fast food centre, the burgers featured here will give the entire family a dose of nutrition and taste. They are too amazing to stop at one, so prepare way more than you expect to be consumed, because “no one can eat just one!”  Check out the burger with veggie oats patty – this burger has spinach, oats, chickpeas and a whole lot of hidden marvels which you would have a tough time getting your kids to eat otherwise. This recipe is a god sent for all the mothers out there.

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