8 Tasty Breakfast Ideas To Take Care Of Your Iron Requirements

Want to increase your body’s iron levels and beat Anemia? Here are 8 breakfast ideas to take care of your iron requirements.

Want to increase your body’s iron levels and beat Anemia? Here are 8 breakfast ideas to take care of your iron requirements.

Iron deficiency has become a common complaint in the recent days. According to a survey by NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information), 70% of the children are suffering from Anemia in most parts of India. According to NFHS – 3 (National Family Health Survey) there are 38.1% of women (age group 30-39) has mild anemia.

Iron plays a vital role in our bodies and is responsible to carry oxygen and maintaining healthy hemoglobin percentage. When left untreated or lack of proper in take of iron supplements would eventually lead to anemia, where the hemoglobin levels drop.

Though anybody could develop iron deficiency, women and children are more prone to this. Hence care should be taken that we plan to take the daily diet which has sufficient iron values. Also include foods that are high in vitamin C, as iron absorption in the body is facilitated by the presence of vitamin C.

As per the daily consumption, we can make sure to have few thumb rules like eating whole grains, millets, groundnut chutney for breakfast, green juice with all the leafy greens at home etc. Let us look at few iron fortified breakfast options now

Green peas parantha

One of the best ways to eat a lot of green peas is with this yummy version. Paranthas as breakfast is preferred in most Indian homes and green peas are now in season. So forget the frozen peas for a while and indulge in fresh green peas paranthas! Green peas are also a great addition to your upma, kichdi, poha, pulao and vegetable stir fries.



We all know that dals are a good way to take care of your body’s iron needs. How about a mixed dal dosa then? This is nothing but the famous Adai! Adai is popular in south india and at my home too! I still remember how my dad used to cook it on a slow flame to make it softer on one side and crispier on the other. My favorite way to eat adai is with some sugar and ghee – I know that this going to be fat rich along with iron rich now, but come on, this was when I was a kid, when one could eat anything and everything!

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Tahini spread

Tahini is a bread spread made out of til/sesame seeds, which are high in iron. Forget about butter for a while and try the tahini spread for your bread. It can also be used as a spread for your rotis and dosas. This is very easy to prepare and stays for weeks when stored in an airtight container. Also, sesame seeds are a great addition to the spice powders you make for curries, chutneys, chutney powders and of course the famous chikki!


Dry fruits milkshake/smoothie

This shake is another easy way out for a wholesome breakfast, which takes care of your iron too. Dried fruits like kishmish/raisins, dried apricots etc are rich in iron. You can make a thick and creamy milkshake with these and can also add your favorite nuts!


Broccoli bake

I think broccoli is lesser known in Indian homes, and is used extensively in dishes with pasta. This is a great option to those who like a baked breakfast with some cheese! This is easy to bake and tastes yummy with the addition of cheese, butter and olive oil. A good way to make your kids eat this crunchy vegetable, the only care to be taken is how you cook it, as it might turn soggy otherwise.


Rajma salad

Rajma or kidney beans are another wonderful source of iron. Have a nutritious breakfast with this simple salad with rajma and other basic ingredients. Feel free to add any other vegetables, other than just onion and tomato, like boiled potatoes, capsicum etc, to make it more nourishing and veggie rich.


Palak/spinach corn sandwich

This is the favorite sandwich at my home! Cooked palak has high levels of iron and I feel palak, corn and cheese is the best combo for a sandwich. This is very filling, crunchy and takes care of your dietary fiber; iron and calcium in one go!


Lobia/black eyed peas vada

Instead of the regular urad dal vada, try this lobia vada for a variation, iron content and being protein rich too. This vada can also be used as a patty as a stuffing in your sandwich or burger along with cheese, which makes it a satisfying meal.


Image source: broccoli bake by Shutterstock.


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