9 Sunday Breakfast Ideas – When You Have A Little Extra Time And Want To Make It Special

Bored of routine breakfast options throughout the week? Try out these special Sunday breakfast options this weekend with these recipes.

Bored of routine breakfast options throughout the week? Try out these special Sunday breakfast options this weekend with these recipes.

Once in a while I manage to get some walking time by myself in the mornings. I see parents running with school bags in one hand and holding their kid’s hand in the other, while they manage to catch the school bus on time! As my son is not yet going to a bigger school, I happen to catch all this action and wonder about my near future.

Mornings are the busiest time in most households without question and breakfast is more a routine matter of time than variety. Even during my childhood days, we had the same breakfast for a few days of the week at a stretch, like idli/dosa, as the batter would stay good for few days inside refrigerator. Also, the accompaniment would usually be some pre-made chutney powder which stayed fresh for a month at least. Elaborate breakfast options were usually reserved for Sundays, holidays and festivals.

Coming back to my kitchen, there are days when I don’t feel like cooking, when I make a simple bread-butter toast for breakfast. My son, who is just 4,often asks me for a particular breakfast he likes. Right from the beginning, I have made sure that as a rule, whatever gets cooked at home needs to be eaten; any specific requests would definitely be entertained, but for later as they need more time and effort. Hence I reserve these options for a well planned leisure day.

Here are some such options that you can try and please the taste buds of the whole family when you have that extra time, extra help from family and mood for cooking a fancy breakfast.

Mysore masala dosa

This is one of the most popular south Indian breakfast options, more often at a restaurant than home. As the process takes more than just a plain dosa, many people would prefer order it in. The best part is the spicy red chutney for an enhanced taste and flavour of dosa.

Recipe here.

Dal stuffed poori

I had dal poori at a north Indian outlet last week. It felt good to have poori in a new avatar. The addition of dal makes it a wholesome meal and an easy way to give that protein to your kids. Don’t worry if you cannot make aloo masala, you can serve it with just curd too, as this poori is already stuffed with dal and spices.

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Recipe here.

Moong dal-corn dhokla

Having seen the plain dhoklas everywhere, somehow I felt that they were something similar to idly and never bothered making them. Not any more, as the combination of moong dal and corn sounds very interesting. I am sure it would soon feature in my regular weekend menu. You can also add slices of potato on top while steaming, which will make it the famous ‘mexican dhokla’.

Recipe here.

Banana flower vada

I always like my mom’s version of banana flower sabzi, but I avoid buying it owing to the complexity in cleaning and cutting it. Here is a video for your convenience on How to cut and clean banana flower. Once the banana flower is in place, the process of making vada should not be that hard. Follow the recipe and enjoy the distinct flavour of banana flower!

Recipe here.

Vegetable paratha

This is a well know breakfast item in many homes – just that we are mostly used to aloo/gobi/paneer parathas. This can be made in a similar way but with the addition of a variety of vegetables, which is also an easy way to feed veggies to your kids. This recipe also comes in handy when you need to clear up those few veggies lying in the fridge, before heading out for weekly vegetable shopping.

Recipe here.

Burger with veggie-oats patty

Now this is a power packed meal and can even be an option for the popular brunch as it is very filling. These patties are a healthy option over regular patties as these are made with oats and veggies. You can treat your kids on their play date with burgers, but simultaneously make it balanced so you don’t have to worry about the nutrition chart!

Recipe here.

Rajma wrap

Rajma chawal is a preferred option usually for lunch. This recipe has an interesting twist to the usual rajma masala and can be served in a wrap, which makes it look more inviting! Along with the two spreads used in the recipe, this wrap makes for an appetizing meal.

Recipe here.

Paneer bhurji sandwich

This is just a little tweak to the popular paneer sandwich, a kind of desi form paneer sandwich. With the combination of paneer with capsicum, onion and tomato, this sandwich scores both on protein and veggies. If you want to indulge more, add a cheese slice too!

Recipe here.

Multigrain carrot muffins

This is for baking lovers. Savory muffins are a great way to start your mornings. Be creative and add your favorite flour, including millet flour, grated vegetables, available dried fruits and nuts to make it wholesome.

Recipe here.

Image source: masala dosa by Shutterstock.


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