Raising My Son In The #MeToo Era

Posted: November 29, 2018

A mother writes a heart-felt letter to her son post the #MeToo movement, telling him to respect women and grow up to be a responsible individual.

Dear son,

This letter comes from a mother who is a woman first. I wonder where did we go wrong as women because it took us few centuries and a Tanushree Dutta to realize that this is not normal. The hands brushing our breast. Those glares at the bra strap peeping through the shirt. The cleavage when the dupatta goes too high. Taking us for granted if at a party our skirt is too short or the lipstick too red or when we hold our glasses in our hands with dignity and not guilt.

It also comes from a woman who believes that fault is not entirely ours. The men who were raised by women like us missed a few words in the dictionary while growing up. Respect and Consent.

Here is where my role as a mother becomes of utmost importance. I can’t give back, what was taken away from a generation of women, but I can very well save the coming one by doing my bit.

Son, respect your peers, your elders, the ones younger to you and the ones weaker than you. That shall be your strength.

And learn to accept a NO. Absorb it in your system with grace and not let your ego tell you otherwise.

Also my son, don’t change for the world. Don’t change to be accepted because my fear is not for the girls, because women of this country can very well take care of themselves.

My fear is I don’t want #metoo to be followed by a #hetoo.

Don’t be submissive because the waves of change are too strong. Don’t lose your respect on the path of following a prototype. Also, do not give in, to be blamed for the scars that you haven’t caused. Let your voice be yours. And let it not be maligned.

Son, you can protect others only if you learn to stand up for yourself first.

And remember, I am always here from where you took your flight.




Image Source: Pixabay

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