5 Summer Coolers To Quench Your Thirst

Looking for interesting make it easy summer drinks to make at home? Here are some refreshing seasonal variants

Looking for interesting, easily made summer drinks to make at home? Here are some refreshing seasonal variants.

While the temperatures are beginning to come down in some parts of the country, in others, the heat wave is still on. And this is the time to indulge in lots and lots of cold drinks. I know what you must be thinking now! We are so used to drinking the store bought soft drinks that we have stopped using such home-made delicacies, and the kids become ready to follow the suit!

Try the following recipes once and trust me – you would not think about going back to readymade drinks anymore.

These recipes are hand picked exclusively for our readers who want to make the most out of the seasonal fruits in the form of summer coolers. Need better reasons? Well, if you are a parent, these are also the most nutritious, yummiest and easiest ways to feed good things to your kids; especially those seasonal delicacies that we get only during summers. And your guests could not be happier, I tell you!

Before you start thinking about only mangoes as the summer fruits, let me tell you more about these yummy summer coolers now.

Jackfruit Shake

While we definitely relish eating jackfruits every summer, why not try something new this time? This jackfruit shake is thick and creamy with coconut milk and is guilt-free with the addition of jaggery, instead of regular sugar. You can be more playful here, so don’t hesitate to add some nuts too, to make it a wholesome one for you and your family.

Recipe: Jackfruit shake

Melon Juice

I noticed this in many homes that the size of the watermelons often does not match the size of the family! Yes, everyone at home would be excited to have a few pieces initially and then tuck it away in the refrigerator wondering when to have it next. This simple juice recipe will make the best use of your melons at home and it becomes better with the twist of adding musk melon. Keep it on the menu when your kids have a play date at home and you won’t be disappointed.

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Recipe: Melon Juice

Litchi-Pineapple Smoothie

Litchi is one of the best reasons to be happy about summer, apart from the obvious mangoes. And smoothies are always a hit to serve during breakfast as they are quite filling. The mixture of litchi and pineapple gives a great aroma to the drink. For those who are health conscious, you can skip the addition of ice cream while preparing it.

Recipe: Litchi-Pineapple Smoothie

Toddy Palm Drink

Another favorite fruit available during summer, toddy palm or nongu or thati munjalu is famous in the southern parts of India and known for its cooling effects during summer. This is one the simplest summer coolers to prepare with heaps of health benefits. It is such a nice variation to regular milk, so why don’t you try this drink instead of using ready-made health powders to make your kids drink milk every day?

Recipe: Toddy Palm Drink

Amla Buttermilk

The words, summer and buttermilk are synonymous, at least in India, isn’t it? So no matter how many different summer cooler recipes we have, people always long for the good old buttermilk/chaas, which has the most refreshing effect in hot summers. But wait; there are ways to make it interesting too with a seasonal twist! And here comes amla/Indian gooseberry, which is again a summer favorite in many Indian homes. Hurry up and check the recipe details!

Recipe: Amla Buttermilk

Do you have a favorite homemade summer cooler recipe? Please don’t forget to share!

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