8 Easy Savory Muffin Recipes For Breakfast When You Want To Keep Off Sugar

Tired of regular dishes for breakfast and also want to avoid sugar? Check out these savory muffin recipes that are easy to bake.

Tired of regular dishes for breakfast and also want to avoid sugar? Check out these savory muffin recipes that are easy to bake.

My favourite muffin is, of course, a chocolate muffin, even better if there is molten chocolate coming out after I take a bite! It’s just heavenly! Snapping out of my chocolaty dreams, I am sure I cannot have it on a daily basis owing to too much sugar and there by calories. Savory muffins are then the answer for muffin lovers.

The appearance of muffins makes the meal look exotic. They look cute in miniature sizes wanting one to hog on them. A dish that is plated well in an artful manner tastes better, as they say – looks as good as it tastes! And with muffins they look pretty even without plating up.

If you need something savory to kick start your day and are bored with regular breakfast, then these muffins recipes are for you to try. These are savory ones and can be included in your breakfast or an evening snack and works well with kids too. Here are few more reasons to try them sooner –

  1. They don’t need an accompaniment
  2. Can be packed and stored easily
  3. Good for travel
  4. Easy as finger foods and less messy with kids
  5. Can be made in bulk at one go
  6. Finally, they look super appetizing!

So let us check out these muffin recipes without wasting any more time!

Semolina vegetable muffin recipe

Let me tell you the secret – these are baked upma muffins! On those days, when all you have is basic upma ingredients but are dreading to have the same upma, go for this! Add your favourite veggies and to make it little interesting the author adds some grated paneer on the top just before baking, making it more so Indian and protein rich too!


Coriander muffin recipe

These muffins are rich in green with coriander as the main ingredient. Sometime I end up with too much coriander when I get a big bunch home and wonder what to do with it! Then I make something like a coriander rice or add coriander in chutney, sambar, dal, rasam, curry – well in almost everything to optimize its usage. If you too have coriander problems, or want to add some extra iron or flavour to your meal, try this recipe!

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Carrot & herbs muffin recipe

Carrot is one of the hit vegetables with kids. Cooked carrot is even used as the first finger foods and a raw carrot works wonders when you want to save yourself from your tiny tot’s bites! This muffin looks colourful with grated carrot, cheese and nuts and is nutritious too. If you do not want to use store bought herbs masala, you can stick to your homemade spice mix with basic ingredients.


Masala oats muffin recipe

All of us must have read a lot about how oats are good for health, but for many it is hard to shift from a flavourful breakfast to an almost bland oatmeal. Thanks to our desi recipes, oats are being incorporated as a hidden ingredient in almost all of idlis, dosas, rotis, upma, pongal and what not! Now it is the turn of the muffins – a great way to savour oats!


Dal, rice & vegetable muffin recipe

These muffins make me wonder if there can be a wholesome Indian meal in one cute cup, which even includes the traditional tempering! However this muffin recipe takes considerable time as it needs dals and rice to be soaked properly. That apart, it looks almost like a south Indian adai in muffin form to me.


Corn cheese muffin recipe

The combination of corn and cheese has been our favourite for sandwiches at home. But then given the versatility of corn and cheese, they can be easily added to many Italian dishes and Indian breakfast/snacks. When it is crunchy and creamy all at the same time – what more can one ask for?


Idli vegetable muffin recipe

Another south Indian twist here – baked idli batter, which is loaded with veggies. Idli is by far the most common breakfast in south India and with the growing cosmopolitan environment everyone wants to try something new. Well, this fits the bill in that case I guess. Next time serve these idli muffins rather than regular idlis to please your guests with a fancy yet traditional breakfast.


Vegetarian pizza muffin recipe

Pizzas for breakfast sound offbeat, isn’t it? Breakfast can be made elegant with some pleasant dishes once in a while, to celebrate the joy of eating exotic foods! If you have some readymade pizza/pasta sauce at home then this muffin recipe can be made in a jiffy. It can also make up for a great party treat.


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