Hi! I'm an often overly-excited, frequently fun-loving, and sometimes deeply-sunk-in-thoughts student of life. Earth and all the stuff in it -especially humans- has always awed me and I love being inspired by all of it. While I believe in expressing my thoughts out loud, with a flash of good motivation, I enjoy actually creating the change with my youth leadership programs in India and start-ups. I've been writing here on WV since the age of 14.

Voice of Keertana

20 y.o. Swarnalakshmi Ravi, President Of India’s Children’s Parliament Is An Inspiration!

President of the Children's Parliament, Swarnalakshmi Ravi has great dreams. The author interviewed her about the issues she faces as a disabled person.

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20 year old
As A 20 Year Old Indian Woman, I Ask All Of You To Find Your Inner 20 Year Old!

Hold on to your dreams, open your mind, and find your inner 20 year old, says this young woman as she steps out of her teens and into young adulthood.

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modern Indian woman's expectations
Dear Mr Right, Here Are My Expectations From You As A Modern Indian Woman

What are a modern Indian woman's expectations from Mr Right? This personal letter reveals how they have evolved over a few years of a young life.

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Every Believer Should Have ‘Access To God’, Irrespective Of Their Biology. Why Must Menstruating Women Be Held back?

Menstruating women are not allowed to enter Sabarimala Temple. Every believer must have equal rights when it comes to religion.

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Can We Ditch Those Stereotypes Already, Please?

It is time we understand that people on the LGBTQA spectrum are human beings just like us. That they have a right to opportunities that everyone gets, too!

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Let Us Pledge To Embrace Diversity And Not Judge Anyone By Their Differences This Martin Luther King Day!

Yesterday, 18th January was Martin Luther King Day. He has famously said, that each man is what he is not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. A thoughtful post by a 17 year old.

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9 Ways To Be Instantly Happy

Wondering how to be create more happiness in your everyday life? Here are 9 sure shot ways to be instantly happy.

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Just Another 9 Year Old Bride [Poem]

Is a child bride just another nine year old girl? Or is she a woman interrupted, and reduced to a statistic? This poem makes you think.

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Illiterate girls in India
Timeline Of An Illiterate Girl

The story of illiterate girls in India - never allowed to learn to stand up for themselves.

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Helping In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Helping in the fight against breast cancer is something we all can do - donate your hair!

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Status of Women in India
Changing The Not-safe-for-women Status

It is time to think differently about the status of women in India. Here is a wake up call to end chauvinism and improve women's situation in India.

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The Collective Woman

The power of the collective woman is strong - if a million Indian women come together, what can we not do?

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Story of my grandmother
A Beautiful Heart: The Inspiring Story Of My Grandmother

The story of my grandmother, who brought up a family in a harsh patriarchal society, but lives as an woman inspiring others.

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modern Indian woman
Letter to ‘Mr.Right’ From ‘The Modern Indian Woman’

A young girl asks her future 'Mr.Right' to recognise her as a modern Indian woman and accept her right to an independent life

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Making a better India
Being The Change We Wish To See

Making a better India with gender equality and justice for all is not going to be achieved by sulking about it - let's do something!

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caring for the elderly
Let’s Pledge To Care For Our Ageing Parents

Caring for elderly parents isn't easy, but does that mean we should abandon them?

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Poor school in India
Empowering The Less Fortunate: A Beautiful Experience

A young girl finds that working with poor schools in India is also a learning experience for her

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Indian parents and the teenager
On Taboos: A Letter To Indian Parents

A letter to all Indian parents from a teenager, questioning the taboos that Indian society holds on to.

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How To Herd Your Wild Teen

A teenager talks about parenting; while teaching your kids may not be simple once they are teens, respect and friendship is possible.

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