The Collective Woman

Posted: June 26, 2013

What do you think

Your threats, shaming, and endless discrimination can do

Break me?

I can speak, oh yes, and

My courage is infinitely greater than your underestimation.

Because I’m not alone, I’m strong,

I consist of the million women of this country,

I am a single breathing creature of these thousand voices.

Try drowning my dignity,

With all the raping, abuse, feticide, and the rest of that endless list and

I will fight back, equally strong,

In the moral way, I have substance-

I’ll rise higher every time you shove me down,

I am a being with every ounce of the capacity you think I lack.

I lack nothing and

I’m proud of what I am; don’t try making me ashamed because

You won’t succeed.

Shame on you! You’ve made people feel scared of

Our country with all

Your sexist crimes.

Lastly Darling, don’t forget that

I make this world whole every bit as you do;

I am your

Mother, sister, lover, stranger, and friend,

A person you can’t avoid knowing.

So here’s the treaty:

Let’s respect each other. Equally.  In every respect.

Now, is that such a tough bargain?

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  1. HI Are you really just 15? wow…hard to believe. You are so mature and you write well.

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