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Just Another 9 Year Old Bride [Poem]

Posted: September 4, 2014

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Is a child bride just another nine year old girl? Or is she a woman interrupted, and reduced to a statistic? This poem makes you think.

The fresh breeze dances

lightly on the tips of the dangling dewdrop as

I run in the lawn of colourful imagination.  The juicy sun

shines on my small feet.

My big, innocent eyes taste the world

With the all wonder of a nine year old girl.

Exploring, singing, living, breathing-


Like all children deserve to be.


 A sudden darkness.

I stumble on the narrow-minded sexist stones; the most

poisonous of them all. My lush lawn of imagination

gets overthrown by the hard ground of reality, as,

A demonic spiral of a wedding garland tightens its hold on my trembling neck

choking my freedom.

Murdering my childhood.

Licking away all innocence.


Now, as I look up to see my twenty year old groom

I am just

A lifeless, empty shell.

Another 9 year old bride

Among 67 million others like me.

Pic credit: snugglepup (Used under a CC license)


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