Helping In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Helping in the fight against breast cancer is something we all can do - donate your hair!

Imagine being diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a haunting specter, but is very possible. One in every EIGHT women is at some point, detected to have breast cancer. So this exact scenario may take place in one of our lives, or the lives of any woman connected to us – mom, sister, daughter- unless we take cautionary measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones against it. Because unlike other forms of cancer, breast cancer can easily be detected, and to a great extent be cured – if diagnosed on time.

As women, and people related to women, it’s our responsibility towards our health, to take two steps – one – women above twenty should undergo a periodic mammogram (once in three to five years depending on your age) and two – ensure that a self-checkup is conducted every month to detect any lumps or abnormalities. These simple, yet powerful measures can go a great way in the fight against breast cancer.

2013-09-30-909There are many more ways to join in help the fight against cancer. One little action you can do is to donate your hair to help make wigs for cancer patients who lose their beautiful locks to the effects of chemotherapy- because this form of chemical treatment given to cancer patients causes them to lose their hair- not only on their head but also on other parts of the body, such as the eyebrows.

By donating our hair, we not only get a nice short hairdo, but we also contribute something to someone who really needs it, and that’s what matters most.  just eight inches of hair (or more if you want) , would be enough to create a beautiful wig that could make a patient look prettier.

This month, I donated my hair to the organization Hair For Hope that directs hair donations to help breast cancer patients. In fact, I had been specifically growing my short hair over a year to ensure it became long enough to donate. And the experience was rewarding and worth every bit I imagined it might be. To know that your hair is going to beautify a cancer patient is a great feeling.

One of the best things about donating hair is that it’s easy and anyone can add in. It’s okay even if your hair is short; mine too was very short last year, I have specifically grown my hair over the last year just to make it long enough to donate.

Many of us just go the parlor for a haircut to waste all our pretty locks that get swept away into the trash can. Instead we could help out in this beautiful way to make someone feel beautiful, right? There are several hair-donation accepting organizations in India such as Hair For Hope India and  Hair Aid that contribute towards this cause. And it’s never too late to help.

We have to all stand together and join in with our little efforts in this fight against cancer. With every bit of help, another life may be lit.

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