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Pull Up Those Abusive Perverts; Women Aren’t The Only Torchbearers Of Your ‘Sanskaar’

Women are being lectured about 'sanskaar' by anyone who feels like it, but who will teach these men who abuse, a good lesson?

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Gunjan Saxena – Empowerment Or Demotivation!

Creative liberties taken in the context of biopics can create undue criticisms for the others related to the subject and hence should be portrayed with proper context. 

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Manipuri Diaspora Bengaluru
A City Rises To Support Its Migrants Amid Covid-19

City of Bangalore stands with its migrant population amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and ensures to provide help with NGOs, government and police.

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When A Stranger Stalked Me On Twitter And Wouldn’t Take A NO When I Refused Personal Details

I never thought I would be a victim of cyberstalking, as a middle aged homemaker and mother - but that is exactly what happened, frightening me completely.

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soldiers killed at Pulwama
5 Ways We Can Pay A Tribute To Those We Lost At Pulwama On Valentine’s Day 2019

For more than 40 families across India who lost their loved ones in the Pulwama attack exactly a year ago, 14th February is not a celebratory Valentine's Day, but a day for mourning.

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Feral 40s Or Fantastic 40s? My Take On This Very Interesting Time In A Woman’s Life

The feral forties are probably the worst period of time in a woman's life. But what if they're fantastic forties? The author likes to think so!

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Chhichhore movie review
Chhichhore Is More Than Wacky Teenage Fun; Its Name (Meaning ‘Worthless’) Is Misleading

Like looks, names can be deceptive too, and the new movie Chhichhore about the underdog is a classic example - go watch it!

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indian armed forces
While We Proclaim Our Patriotism, Why Are The Armed Forces Short Of New Hires?

We may have just observed Kargil Vijay Diwas, but are we any closer to motivating young people to join the Indian Armed Forces?

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CCD founder suicide
CCD Founder’s Suicide: Are We Paying Attention To People Near Us To Know If They Are Distressed?

CCD founder V G Siddhartha's suicide shook almost all of us, and it made this author wonder - what, exactly, is happiness, and how do we deal with troubles?

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How Reactions Change Instinctively When The Tables Are Turned

I have always believed that bringing a smile on the faces of people is supposed to be easy and a fulfilling task. Or is it just not so simple anymore?

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MS Dhoni’s Gloves Sporting The Army “Balidaan Badge” Sparks Controversy

M.S. Dhoni (MSD), former captain and one of the most favourite players of the Indian Cricket team has been in the news for reasons other than his game.

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The Puraani Jeans Of Our Lives – Old Friends Are The Best

There is something special about old friends; the ones you grew up with or the ones you studied in college with and who have stayed on with you in various stages of your life!

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After The Dogfight: Reality Check On What Our Armed Forces Actually Need

The Indian Armed Forces fight with what they have but shouldn’t they get what they need?

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Why Play With The Future Of Our Children? Time For Some Accountability

Goof-ups in the question papers is a common factor across India when it comes to 'Board exam'. Who takes accountability for this?

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Move Over Celebrities, Wing Cmdr Abhinandan Has Won Our Hearts, For Now!

Wing Commander Abhinandan has returned to India in glory, and the millions who were rooting for his safe return are jubilant!

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Pulwana terror attack
Pulwama: On The Day Of Love When Hatred Reared Its Ugly Head

The Pulwana terror attack is to be condemned, but we need to do more than that, to support the families left behind by those who died, and to stop this cycle of violence somehow.

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Does Being A Successful Woman Mean That You Can’t Yearn For Love?

Our perception that a successful woman does not need love is wrong, because at the end of the day, a human being needs love, no matter how unfair that seems.

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An Open Letter To The Men And Women In Uniform

After watching the movie Uri, this author reflects on how little civilians understand the life of those in uniform and their families. All we can do is admire...from a distance!

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3 Reasons Why Women Should Never Give Up Working, At A Professional Level

Why is it so important for a woman to continue working at a professional level? This post makes some very important arguments...read on and share your opinion!

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house hunting in Mumbai
House Hunting In ‘Liberal’ Mumbai Was An Ordeal For A Non-Veg Me; What Hopes For Rest Of India?

As a non-vegetarian, I had a lot of trouble while house hunting in Mumbai, as I found people accepting tenants based on religion, caste, and food preference - in a cosmopolitan metro!

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Will All This Really Help The Everywoman For Whom #MeToo Is An Everyday Scenario?

Many empowered women and celebrities who do have some privilege have spoken up in the #MeToo movement. But is this going to percolate down and help the ordinary woman for every day is a struggle?

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What Use Is ‘Achievement’ If Our Children Are Not Safe From Such Gruesome Acts?

The Kathua incident has shaken up the whole nation and rightly it should, as it is a heinous and barbaric act that only demented minds can even think of doing. I have been reading people make statements like ‘we can feel the pain of what she went through’ or ‘my heart goes out to her […]

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What Is It That Drives People In Seemingly Good Marriages To Indulge In Infidelity?

Loyalty in a marriage is important to me, so I am unable to reconcile with the ease with which people go in for infidelity - even in good marriages! A personal look.

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What I Took Away From Watching Sachin – A Billion Dreams

Many movies have been made based on the lives of sportspersons. However, Sachin – A Billion Dreams is a cut above the rest, like the man himself.

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depressed teen
As The Mother Of A Teenager I Worry – What Drives These Bright Young People To Extremes Like Suicide?

A depressed teen can easily take an extreme step - life is too precious to be lost over some marks in exams or some college admission.

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TV serials today
The Curious Case Of The Unbelievable TV Serials Today!

Barring a couple, TV serials today really need you to suspend your disbelief. What happened to the kind of serials that showed real people?

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I Enjoy Sharing Non Veg Jokes. Does That Necessarily Make Me A Loose Woman?

Are you comfortable sharing non veg jokes or enjoy sexual innuendo conversations? Does that make you a loose woman, no matter what anyone might think?

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Demonetization And The Irony Of It All!

The demonetization of Rs 500 and 1000 notes has been hailed as many as a great move to flush out black money. But what is the ground reality for many ordinary citizens?

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Let’s Talk Something Nice About The Good Men In Our Lives, Too!

A heartfelt tribute to the good men in our lives, who often go out of their way to support their families, sometimes lonely themselves.

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These Are What I Think Are Real Issues That Matter In The Fight About Equality For Women

There are so many battles being fought about the equality for women - these are what I think should be the real issues we fight for.

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Dealing With A Serious Loss May Be Life’s Way Of Nudging Us On To The Road To Maturity

We need to realize it and move on - a person who might have meant the world to us and who we've lost touch with, might be a total stranger to us now.

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