Chhichhore Is More Than Wacky Teenage Fun; Its Name (Meaning ‘Worthless’) Is Misleading

Like looks, names can be deceptive too, and the new movie Chhichhore about the underdog is a classic example - go watch it!

Like looks, names can be deceptive too, and the new movie Chhichhore about the underdog is a classic example – go watch it!

This movie was recommended to me by my teenaged son, and I went to see the movie with an anticipation of watching some whacky teenage drama.

But to my surprise, it was all that, and much more. No wonder then that the movie had been given a 4 star rating by the reviewers. Unlike its name, it is more than just loads of whacky teenage fun.

What is the movie about?

I obviously do not intend to give away the story here.

But to summarize it, this movie is about friendship during the most wonderful years (our college years and in some cases, the hostel life); its trials and tribulations, and the achievements and pitfalls associated with such friends.

It also has a subtle message that we should try and stay connected with our best friends of those times, even as we move ahead in our lives.

Unlike today, where everything is available at the click of a mouse, those who were in college in the 90s would remember the struggle they had with regards to find resources for their study material or any other ‘interesting’ material. The memories of such presumably uneventful incidents cannot compare to the friendships made in the walls of the corporate houses (exceptions are always there to a general rule).

This movie is sure to rekindle memories of a ‘misadventure’ or two of those who are born in the 70s or earlier as well.

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It’s OK to fail; peer pressure isn’t everything

The most crucial message of the movie however is that it is Ok to fail. The dialogue in the movie ‘Hamare paas Success ke baad ka plan hai par failure ke baad ka kuch nahin’ (We have a plan of what we will do after succeeding, but no plans of what to do after a failure) sums it up all.

It may also be an eye opener of sorts for the parents and students of present times who are so driven by success and percentage owing to peer pressure and the rat race of current times. The pressure of clearing the entrance exams, getting admissions into prestigious institutes, being picked up during placements, being promoted at the right time and so on. The list of such performance related pressures is endless.

Effort matters, not just results

The film lays emphasis on the fact that it is not the result which matters but the efforts that have been put in. That is what decides the winner or the loser, and not just clearing an exam, or getting admission in a reputed institute.

Yes, there is an unusual exhilaration in the success of the underdogs because that is symbolic of hope. Yet failing is not the end but not putting in the efforts is.

Some failures are important lessons although I am unsure if in current times, that is how it is still viewed. It is a reiteration that non achievement of just one goal is not the end of it all. It is just a matter of time, to get back our focus and pursue another or the same goal with patience and persistence, and belief in the self.

So for all of us here who keep trying yet sometimes fail, it may be true to believe that we are on the right track. Let’s keep trying and the results are sure to follow. Giving up doesn’t take us to our goals, but trying to reach there does.

Image: a still from Chhichhore

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