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Gehraiyaan: Worth the Watch, Only If You Can Relate!

In the end, two dynamic women emerge victoriously and swear on changing their reality and breaking the patterns!

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Haven’t We Trolled Deepika Padukone Enough? Leave Her Alone!

Being a celebrity is a tough job in India because people are not just curious about your life- they want to control it too! Like Deepika is receiving hate on a recent video.

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Can We Please Cancel The Term ‘Prostitute’?

I was a 16 year old in love and trying to reach my boyfriend, with whom I had just broken up. He shouted the word 'prostitute' at me for my pains.

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Couples Cooking Together During The Pandemic Is Yet Another Way We Smash Patriarchy!

Every time I see the couples working together in the kitchen, my heart fills with joy. Because that's how it should always be, right?

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Jaa Simran Jaa, Fulfil Your Dreams Of An Education; Round Rotis Can Wait!

My University degree will help me attain my dreams, not learning kitchen skills to perfection, though I can certainly cook for myself.

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Whispers In My Ear

But, my father taught me to change the narrative! Yes, I am a feminist because my father taught me to be so.

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I Don’t Like Being Called Sexy, Instead Call Me Sassy Or Classy, Never Sexy!

While some woman may enjoy being called 'sexy,' I don't. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Here are a few more reasons why I don't like it.

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talking about sex
Just Because I’m Considered ‘Sexy’ Doesn’t Mean I’m Ok Talking About Sex With Anyone!

I have been called 'sexy' by many people, but does that make it Ok for you to expect me to talk about sex with you or fantasise about me? NO.

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Shakuntala Devi Nailed The Connection With A Wider Audience, With Sheer Emotional Storytelling

Most of our movie going audience can’t handle too many complications on screen. As they walk into the theatres, they're looking for entertainment, rather than intellectual or emotional satisfaction.

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How Many Of Us Were Treated Equally At School? Should Nepotism In Bollywood Surprise Us?

It was towards the end of my first year, I decided to give up trying to please my teachers. I realised I would always be an outsider in my department.

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To My Dear Friends…With Love!

No matter how much you love someone, you fail to comprehend their daily challenges or measure their personal growth.

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The Thin Line Between Internship And Entrepreneurship: Do You See It?

As a skilled professional, if you are being given the same responsibilities and recognition as an intern would be, it's time to start asking if entrepreneurship is a better deal for you.

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Get Your Dues Cleared Before the New Year Sun Starts Shining Brightly

It's the first day of the new year! 2019 lies eagerly before you, to be embraced with love and positivity. However, if you are not already enjoying the festive vibe, you are probably also broke!

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Of Celebrity Worshipping And More!

The author says that celebrity worshipping is common today. But, celebrties are human too and not 'flawless', so let them be.

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My Wedding Preparations Are On Hold Until…My Mom Learns To Stop Running!

A mother who pushed her daughter to be strong, is still running in her 60s, unable to slow down and enjoy the world. What should this daughter do? 

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Dear Santa, Make My Wish Come True!

The holiday cheer is making the author miss many things and she hopes that Santa fulfills her wish and makes her see her family.

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A Memorable Evening With Sangeeta Datta, Who Brings Alive Rituparno Ghosh’s Genius

It has been almost a month since I saw Bird Of Dusk at the Jio MAMI 2018, and it is only now that I am writing about it. This is because the overall experience was so mesmerizing and inspiring, that my brain desperately needed sufficient time to absorb it!

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Dear Parents, The World Is Ruthless. Better Teach Your Daughters To Be Fighters

Its highly important for parents to accept their daughters the way they are. Holding her back would do no good. Let her achieve by being outspoken. 

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Because I Work In Films And Come Home Late, I’m Not Considered An ‘Innocent’ Woman

Single women in the city, even in one considered as progressive as Mumbai, cannot chase their dreams freely; here's an account of how trouble-making neighbours react. 

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Not All Cartoons Are Bad, Some Teach You About Equality!

While movies and TV mostly reinforce regressive ideas about Equality, a cartoon series, Doraemon, is teaching kids about progressive principles. This post makes some interesting observations!

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#Hokkolorob: A Hope For Progressive Kolkata!

The recent attack on Jadavpur University students who were protesting against the harassment of a female student has shocked the country, but the #Hokkolorob campaign aims to keep the protest on.

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