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Get Your Dues Cleared Before the New Year Sun Starts Shining Brightly

It's the first day of the new year! 2019 lies eagerly before you, to be embraced with love and positivity. However, if you are not already enjoying the festive vibe, you are probably also broke!

It’s the first day of the new year! 2019 lies eagerly before you, to be embraced with love and positivity. It’s time to drive out all your negative energies and indulge in celebration! However, if you are not already out in the sun, enjoying the festive vibe or Instagramming, then you are probably also broke!

Despite being immensely talented, passionate and a workaholic, you are broke like me. The reason is that you too needed some time to realize that you deserve to get paid in the first place. A workaholic writer brain is constantly hunting for creative juices, more than anything else on the planet. Once we find that, we take the deep plunge into the ocean, forgetting all about reality. Alas, creative juices can only satisfy the intellectual thirst! What about the other hormones and enzymes of our body? What about our energy levels?

Well, a writer can forget everything. They can suppress their appetites for long hours; they can not only be unsocial but also very rude and protective about their own world. They can be generating ideas in the bathroom as well! (you never know). You bet writers and designers are the quirky people. Their minds never rest, and they are constantly planning how to execute something! So, if you are dating or living with us, you better prepare yourself beforehand.

The point is, for how long do we need to do this? I mean suppressing our appetites, killing our desires, shattering our tiny dreams? What about our emergency expenditure? We have worked for ages, and we felt happy only because we have been appreciated and our morality has been boosted up a little bit. The companies and the business enterprises grow strong, enjoying the fruits of our hard work. I am not saying that it is a single effort. Of course, it is a collective work and the effect of a smooth collaboration. But, the business owners will deny that. They will convince you that you have zero contribution to their growth, and it is only the result of their smart moves and incredible brains.

Dear writers, please don’t trust them. They are lying. They are cool with paying artists and entertainers (the known faces), even by selling their own clothes! But when the need to pay the brain behind this amazing creation emerges, they hesitate. They are scared of experimenting, of losing money, even though nobody knows the secret spell of creating a successful film!

Even though the film industry is one of the most lucrative industries in India, it works in a manner similar to gambling. For every writer or director, the outcomes they generate are obviously the result of their best inputs. Even then, many a novel fails to generate the desired emotional response; or a film fails to make its way into the hundred crores club. That is because nobody actually owns the success spell. They are able to touch it only occasionally!

Does that imply that the writer or the filmmaker is incapable? Of course not! Each person is talented, and is working hard to find the spell, and they need strong finances for that. It’s high time that the companies and the business owners realize this. Otherwise, if the writers or designers start backing out, they will find themselves in a deep hole shortly!

As for the writers who are yet to receive a huge lumpsum amount from a media company or a production house, go ahead and make your claims, because the last year has ended! Before the New Year sun starts shining brightly across the sky, let’s take a pledge to focus more on ourselves in the coming year. Let’s stop hurting each other. No more skipping meals, no more sleepless nights. We deserve a better life and a constant flow of creative juices in the New Year 2019!

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I have already started making claims. When will you? Please do share inspiring stories with me, if you have succeeded in achieving your targets in 2018. Sharing is caring, and it really motivates everybody!

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