I Don’t Like Being Called Sexy, Instead Call Me Sassy Or Classy, Never Sexy!

While some woman may enjoy being called 'sexy,' I don't. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Here are a few more reasons why I don't like it.

While some woman may enjoy being called ‘sexy,’ I don’t. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Here are a few more reasons why I don’t like it.

Do you ever compliment anyone as ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’? When you do so, do you think they are desirable or worthy of attracting, presumably, the opposite gender? While many women enjoy the compliments, there are a bunch of us who get offended by the term!

Want to know why?

It is all about your perception and your mind. When people see Nora Fatehi dancing on screen, some see desire, some see art. How can she be so flexible? Several others giggle every time they see her performing. So, you see it’s not all about our bodily desires! There’s a world beyond that.

It makes me feel uncomfortable and inanimate

Yes, I do not like being complimented as ‘sexy,’ because it reduces me to a mere object –  plastic or inanimate object. While I consider myself very much alive, and full of emotions, it is difficult for me to face a person, who doesn’t recognize my emotions or intellect.

Why do they assume that a woman must be obliged or delighted about the fact that she is capable of attracting someone physically towards her? She might be interested in connecting with someone intellectually or emotionally or through art!

Why do they assume that women are ‘asking for it’ if they are wearing a short dress in their profile pictures? There can be a hundred reasons for a woman to pick a dress or to pose for a picture!

Why not call us anything but that?

Many women perceive themselves as independent thinkers, leaders, change makers, artists, creators, author or poets. And many of us, don’t enjoy being complimented ‘hot’ or ‘sexy.’ It hurts our emotions or self-esteem that our creative capabilities have been reduced to zero in a go!

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What we enjoy is compliments about our work, sense of humour, IQ levels, and our analytical skills among others. This list is endless only if one has the eye or desire to look for it!

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Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Piku

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