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But, my father taught me to change the narrative! Yes, I am a feminist because my father taught me to be so.

But, my father taught me to change the narrative! Yes, I am a feminist because my father taught me to be so.

The life of a woman is a complete series of role-playing and searching for a permanent partner!

They know they have everything in their lives, and they just wait for a person to share their happiness with. We are brought that way! Like the princesses, we are always happy, waiting to land in our castles-Ummm the permanent one!

‘Those darling hands are meant to give kissies, my baby girl! Not to do the dishes! It makes your skin rough and dry!’

Men laugh and crack those silly dumb-ass jokes, but deep down at heart, they know well who runs their homes perfectly!

Meanwhile, a princess moves to her castle (the kitchen) and takes charge of her duties as a queen! And days pass by!

The queen wonders, what’s the problem with me? Why do they take me for granted?

She has been born and brought up primarily for this, and she’s incredible at the role!

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Then she comes across things like real-life problems! The ones the Prince Charming has been hiding all along with their dating phase!

The queen remembers the ‘extra’ degrees she has! And she brushes up her skills and starts sharing the responsibilities of handling complicated things-finance, accounts, and masters it! She helps them save!

But the king now has enough, so he wants to take a break and enjoy his life! He wants to feel young around young girls, you know!

And the queen wonders, ‘Why did I fail to win his company?’

I have tried everything!

Why he never gave me the companionship I hoped for?

Why am I even here? I was already a princess! I had every goddamn thing! I was here, in search of sharing my happiness!

So, where is my own happiness that I came to share with my husband?’

Sometimes, she looks at her child and forgets them!

The problem with women is, when they start giving, they don’t know where to stop! They forget what they were in the middle of a deal! It’s not fair that you receive nothing in exchange for all that you have.

But, women feel they can generate their happiness! A tiny flower blooms (you never notice), bringing in tonnes of happiness for the woman, because that flower brings memories of you!

A woman should never feel guilty about enjoying, having a good time, and feeling great about herself!
They have earned it!

They say I should stop living inside my head! The men in my life gave me enough hard blows (life lessons as they call it) with their relentless efforts to crush my dream world-the one inside my head!

But, every time I switch off my senses, something or someone in the background tells me-‘ Dream on, little dreamer..’

And I pass on the words to my girl squad!

‘We have a whole new generation to influence! Let the Matriarchy begin! ‘

The problem is not that you have nothing to offer me (materialistic wealth). The problem is that I am not a part of your dream!

So, that’s why men get everything, minus the heart of the woman!

You get a perfectly running household, a running business just not her!

Unfortunately true, women have incredible capabilities of role-playing. You believe you are God when you have everything!

Every woman sees herself as a diva as the giver (at some point or another). She just knows that she has to go on! She had to win!

She never complains about why she was never a part of your dream. She never questions back why she has to go on! It has always been the same for a woman!

Priorities came for their own families as if women are born just to support their dreams! If they build their own dreams, they are the villains.

But, my father taught me to change the narrative! Yes, I am a feminist because my father taught me to be so. He said, ‘ You have every right to make room for yourself, wherever you want to stay.’

It’s a male-dominated society, but a woman loves challenges!

They hear whispers:

‘You can be, whatever you want to be! You are so genius!’

‘Just like her dad! Runs her own business! She is so independent!

‘I told everybody I am so lucky to have a daughter like her!’

‘God, we have got all the happiness in this world! Just make our daughters happy! She’s given me every happiness in this world!’

‘Always remember, we are here for you! Just follow your dreams!’

And she passes on the messages, and love to her squad!’

The super matt lipstick knows how to process her insecurities and fears perfectly and turn them into raw confidence! That’s why she invests so much in them! Well, it’s her hard-earned cash after all!

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