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The author says that celebrity worshipping is common today. But, celebrties are human too and not 'flawless', so let them be.

The author says that celebrity worshipping is common today. But, celebrties are human too and not ‘flawless’, so let them be.

The year 2018 is nearing its end. The ‘New Year’ is waiting patiently, at the door, with fresh hopes, new dreams, and new achievements. It’s the time, to release all your negativity and all the things that have been holding you back, from being yourself. I offer my best wishes to all my friends, who have found their soulmates this year, and are enjoying this year’s Christmas with their loved ones. A lot of my friends entered into serious commitments this year; a lot of promises have been exchanged this year; a lot of dreams have been fulfilled already, while some wait patiently at the door, for the New Year!

The year 2018, also saw a lot of Bollywood celebrities tying knots with their loved ones, and entering into lifetime commitments. For many people, the term lifetime commitment, however, sounds like an oxymoron. And if they are from the entertainment industry, they find it rather funny. They think, that majority of the people from the entertainment industry are always open for flings, which is a very mean and judgemental assumption, according to me. Astonishingly, the same group of people are over-enthusiastic about the big fat Bollywood weddings, like Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh or Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas!

I realize, they dwell in the world of glitz and glam in their fantasies. They are less realistic and humane, about feelings. Celebrities are more of showpieces or models (not role models though), and they need to continuously present their lives as fairy tales, no matter how difficult times they might be going through. Common people equate money and fame, with heaven (maybe because they have none).

Unfortunately, the grass is always greener on the other side. In their dire attempts to protect their public images, and to present their lives perfectly, the celebrities go through hell at times. The case is pretty similar to that of Princess Mia, of Princess Diaries. She has to portray herself as perfect, even though she is actually a flawed person, unlike her perfect grandmother, the queen of Geneva!

Whether a person is born with a talent, or they have earned it through their hard work; the point is they have all been through hell, to be where they are. Financial problems, fear of being left alone or unable to fit it, maintaining the fake smile all the time, and what not! And if they find a decent friend or a helping hand, it turns into gossip! So, basically, it is the celebrities of our country, who are living a very hush-hush lonely and private life.  I call it “Darr darr ke, marr marr ke jeena.” Yet, some of them, rebel against these age-old traditions and customs and try desperately to be themselves.

In a country like India, it takes immense courage to come out in front of the world and talk about mental health. Through her film, Dear Zindegi, director Gauri Shinde tried her best, to make it comprehensible for the ordinary people, that mental health of a person is equally vital as their physical health. Unfortunately, the film could generate a desirable impact among, only a handful of people, who actually watched the film patiently.

I completely encourage worshipping any celebrity, artist or anybody who inspires people. But, what hurts my eyes the most is when I find cheap Memes, and posts highlighting the celebrities or a detailed post-mortem of their personal lives. That seems so jobless to me! Take for instance the recent name change of Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, to Priyanka Chopra Jonas over Instagram. The day I heard that she has tied the knot, I saw her wedding images and I forgot about it. I also read the news, that she has changed her name in her Instagram profile. I somehow didn’t feel odd. I mean what’s wrong in adopting my husband’s name if I consider my husband to be a valuable asset in my life? Maybe they found their soulmates in each other, and are now celebrating their union in a grand way! How does it matter if she is ten years elder or younger than, as long as they are happy and killing it in the trendy wedding outfits?

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As they have tied knots recently, they too have their #couplegoals! They are humans, full of emotions; (and you can trust me on this), they are humans of flesh and blood. Even they feel bad or low, no matter how stunning they look on the magazine covers, ramps or sets! The greenrooms and makeup vans are ultimately the places, where they spend hours dreaming of a vacation with their loved ones. When they meet their loved ones after ages, they often go overboard-like Instagramming cute images with their husbands, swapping their names, or creating a new hashtag, with their name! Technically, I think that’s how we have invented Jalena (Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez)! (Think about it).

Point is, how does it matter, why they do it! They are doing whatever makes them happy- Unlike the losers, who point fingers at them! So, instead of behaving like the local CCTV aunties, it’s high time that the Bollywood enthusiasts start acting sensibly. If you don’t have positive vibes, please ignore the ones who have it. As for the Bollywood celebrities and all my friends, who tied the knots this year, or are planning to tie knots soon, as well as the ones who have entered into new commitments, I wish them good luck, with all my heart, because the real-life romantic tales inspire me the most.

Oh, it’s the New Year! I am sure, my country can do better, in 2019.


Image Source: Priyanka Chopra/Facebook

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