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Born and brought up in Mumbai. A feminist and a voracious reader.

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Women Are Still Conditioned And Made To Suffer Through Hell By Both – Their Parents And Their In-Laws

Parents should be unequivocal in their support towards their daughters. No two ways about it. They need to value their daughters' mental health too.

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Know Your Self-Worth & Stay In A Relationship Only If You’re Loved The Way You Deserve!

Learn to give up when it's time. In any relationship, it's exhausting to keep giving while receiving nothing. Don't you think you deserve to be loved right?

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Thank You, Dad, For Turning Me Into A Voracious Reader

Thank you, Dad, for giving me the gift of reading. Thank you for loving your grandkids so much. Thank you for being vocal where it mattered and thank you for reminding me to continue pursuing my goal. Today if I am a voracious reader and read anything and everything under the sun, it is all […]

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Every Woman’s Woman, Sandra Bullock Is That Awesome Badass Friend We’d All Love To Have!

Sandra Bullock is known as a very wonderful person, who is down to earth with no fake airs. Here are 4 of her movies that make me respect and love her.

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My Mum Taught Me A Lesson While Savagely Shutting Down A Neighbour Aunty!

My mum said, "Darling, that message was for you too. Shine so bright that everyone has to take cover. Keep shining in whatever you choose to do."

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No, It’s Not Okay To Be Name Called And Labelled

We only seek to further divide ourselves when we begin to put labels on each other and normalise sterotypical and sexist social behaviour. 

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Be The Whole Woman! Don’t Let Being In A Relationship Define Your Life

Being in a relationship does not mean placing your whole identity in it. Find a passion to sustain you outside of your marriage. 

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We Don’t Stress Eat Coz We Love To, It’s A Response To The Stress You Cause Us!

Stress eating or binge eating is not funny. It is something that affects a number of women. So next time before you ask a woman to stop, try asking her why.

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Book Review : Shakti By Anuja Chandramouli

It follows the story of Sati , the goddess as a whole. Her journey as a sister, a wife, a mother..but above all her journey as woman, as the divine feminine whom the Gods wronged, her own father wronged.

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Book Review: The Binding Vine By Shashi Deshpande

It has a very relatable middle class setting to it along with the day to day struggles of middle class and poor women.

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A Woman’s Abode

Patriarchal norms are so steadfast in a society that a woman absolutely has no wriggle space.

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Does The Responsibility Of Parents Finish Once Their Daughter Is ‘Married Off’?

Why is a woman always shamed for having her parents' support post marriage? She will always remain their daughter, whom they have brought up with care.

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