Know Your Self-Worth & Stay In A Relationship Only If You’re Loved The Way You Deserve!

Learn to give up when it's time. In any relationship, it's exhausting to keep giving while receiving nothing. Don't you think you deserve to be loved right?

Learn to give up when it’s time. In any relationship, it’s exhausting to keep giving while receiving nothing. Don’t you think you deserve to be loved right?

Dear women,

Please do not stay in relationships where you are disappointed time and again. So many women stay in relationships hoping for the man to change. However, the sad reality is that not all men change completely.

Sometimes they do change to a certain extent, but inevitably go back to their ways. Time and again, if you’ve to threaten your husband/boyfriend with a divorce or a break up for him to stay in line, I believe the relationship is useless. I know not of all us have the means to get out of a marriage or relationship because of kids and financial responsibilities. But the ones who can get out and start life afresh, should do it.

Don’t fall for their traps!

So many women pour their heart and soul into a relationship. Emotionally they invest too much, and are left with broken hearts and tears very often. The man they love doesn’t give back the same love they expect. It’s all rosy in the beginning, but soon it shows that men don’t really mean any of the romancing they do in the start of the relationship.

Don’t fall for their trap, because later, they forget to even inform you of the small changes in their life or so much as call you to ask how you are. When confronted with this type of abysmal behaviour they answer in a bored manner that the relationship mature and there is no need to call day in day out. I agree there is no need to call day in day out but this rule can be put to use only if both parties agree on this.

A man is not allowed to solely decide what is good for a relationship without the consent of a woman. He cannot, one day, decide that he won’t message or call his partner anymore all day because their relationship has become boring.

Talk to your wives about important things!

Did you check with your partner if she is okay with this? Have you checked with your wife/girlfriend before making future plans? If not, then do not cry when she does not agree to your plans wholeheartedly.

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So many men do not discuss important things like children and in-laws with their wife. Most of the times the wife does not have the option of telling the man that she wants to stay away from his parents because she will be labelled a home-breaker.

Men invest in real estate without consulting with their wives. They think it’s enough to consult their parents. Recently, a couple staying near us, almost separated because the husband had consulted only his parents and purchased a house. And before they could all move into the new home, the wife decided that she had had enough of everything and almost moved out.

However, the husband stopped her and told her to come back and that they could stay away from his parents. He, now, regrets purchasing the house. His wife had warned him several times that investing in such a big house would not be financially appropriate. If only he had listened to her. But men seem to think it’s a waste of time to listen to their wives.

Know when to give up, for your own sakes!

That’s the reason women should not waste time on marriages that don’t work. Yes, you cannot give up on relationships quickly. But after 10 or 15 years of hard work and emotional draining, you would know it’s time to walk out. It’s exhausting to keep giving and giving and receiving nothing in return.

To all the dear women, do not waste your precious life on a dimwitted moron who does not deserve you. One day you will find the guts and self belief to walk out and never look back.

Believe in yourself and your self-worth. Unrequited love is a waste of time. Try loving a man who will love you with all his heart. That man will have a million faults but he will matter in a place where it matters the most: love and respect.

Trust yourself.

Picture credits: Still from Hindi TV series Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke

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