Every Woman’s Woman, Sandra Bullock Is That Awesome Badass Friend We’d All Love To Have!

Sandra Bullock is known as a very wonderful person, who is down to earth with no fake airs. Here are 4 of her movies that make me respect and love her.

Sandra Bullock is known as a very wonderful person, who is down to earth with no fake airs. Here are 4 of her movies that make me respect and love her.

Before I begin, let me say this, I am a huge fan of Sandra Bullock!

She is a woman, I feel, all women would love to have as their friend. My love for Sandra Bullock began during my graduation days. I remember there was this terrible tsunami in south Asia and left a huge trail of destruction in its aftermath.

A couple of days later, I read a small news piece that Sandra had donated one million dollars for families destroyed from this tsunami. It was a small piece, no interview, nothing. But for some reason, it tugged at my heart. After that a couple of months, I remember watching ‘Speed.’ I’d started watching for Keanu Reeves but ended up rooting for Sandra!

Miss Congeniality

The next movie was Miss Congeniality. If ever there was a movie about women not judging women and uplifting each other, it is this one! Here, Sandra Bullock’s character learns that beauty pageant participants are not dumb like portrayed and are actually wonderful girls.

She sticks up for those women in times of danger, uplifts a contestant’s mood when she is low about her performance in the pageant round. Definitely, one of my favourite movies.

This is a movie where Sandra’s character is a tough FBI agent who could knock down any rogue in two minutes. Tough but mushy, funny and beautiful, Sandra Bullock as Gracie Hart is the friend we all want!

Oceans 8

A group of women decide to rob jewellery at the MET Gala with Sandra as their ‘leader’! A spin-off of the Ocean Series starring George Clooney, Sandra lends her own charm to this movie. She proves yet again that you don’t need a tough macho hero to carry a movie to the box office!

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Sandra brings her own brand of humour and trademark friendship and bonding with other women in this. They are wonderful group of eight women who rob the MET gala. And each woman specialises in a task that leads to the ultimate goal of robbery.

Throughout the movie, they show female bonding and that not all female friendships are about gossiping and bitching. If left to us women, we would love to talk about earning more money and staying independent (even if it means robbing a bank!)

Two Weeks Notice

A wonderful comedy about a smart woman working for a self-obsessed real-estate magnate who realises she doesn’t know what her job really is. She is on the verge of losing her patience and sanity here. The movie, beautifully, shows the class divide and the differences between the lifestyles of the rich and the working classes. 

I remember a scene in the movie where Sandra’s character tells a woman off for partying with a stranger. She tells the woman that she is a beautiful and smart woman who doesn’t need to waste her life by partying and sleeping with strangers who won’t even remember her name the next day. And also tells the young woman to complete her graduation, make a name for herself and be an independent woman.

The movie also shows that behind tough exteriors are people usually just too scared of vulnerability. This applies to both women and men. Hugh Grant’s character is delightfully funny, flirty and very used to having things his way.

It is Sandra who asks him to question his morals and commitment towards people. She asks him to stand up on his word so people will learn to respect him and take him more seriously. And she also rebels against his easy going nature and walks out of her high paying job because of his attitude.

The Proposal

Sandra’s character as the tyrannical boss is beautifully portrayed. The movie subtly sends a message that women bosses are more hated than men bosses. She fights ruthlessly to stay on top in her career. When she fires her colleague, he calls her a ‘poisonous witch.’ She later reveals that it was a comment that made her cry.

Sandra Bullock in general, is known as a very wonderful person, who is down to earth with no fake airs. She is who she is. No pretences. Her movies are an inspiration for people like me who crave non-judgmental friendships with women.

I believe, often, women just need an empathetic ear and a wonderful friend to be absolutely mad with! We could all with a Sandra Bullock in our lives.

Picture credits: Still from movie Ocean’s 8

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