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Book Review : Shakti By Anuja Chandramouli

Posted: March 17, 2020

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This is a book review of Shakti – the divine feminine by Anuja Chandramouli ( a new age writer with recurring themes of women empowerment).

From the time I have read this book, I have become such a fan of it that even after reading it several times , I can still read one more time.

The theme and ethos of this book is absolutely breathtaking and revolutionary.

It follows the story of Sati , the goddess as a whole. Her journey as a sister, a wife, a mother..but above all her journey as woman, as the divine feminine whom the Gods wronged, her own father wronged. She rises up to question every hurdle put in front of her in the name of patriarchy and which is in turn perpetrated by the divine beings she loves (her father Daksha, her husband Lord Shiva).

The book even traces the journey of her relationship with Lord Vishnu as her well wisher.

She angrily questions all the men in her life , all the hypocrisy and threatens to wipe out anyone who caused her the immense suffering she went through.

She blisters through anger, loves with intense passion and does not tolerate betrayal at all.

The book traces her tender love for Lord Ganesh and her complex feelings for Shiva ( ranging from intense anger to tender love to roaring passion)

This book is a must read for every woman . It shows that woman is first a human being. She should not be defined or confined because of her biology. Her body is means to an end just like men.

She is allowed to feel extreme emotions and roaring passions just like any other human. There is no need to cage a woman under the garb of decency and modesty.

She can soar the way she wants to if given a chance.

An absolute delight of a book. A winner of Anuja Chandramouli.

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Born and brought up in Mumbai. A feminist and a voracious reader.

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