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A Woman’s Abode

Posted: February 11, 2020

It is a such sad situation when you realise that a society is so rotten when they criticise a woman’s parents for supporting her.

What kind of a society do we live in if a woman’s own parents support is looked down by the society?

Should she continue to take the mental abuse day in day out at her marital home instead of taking help from her parents? Does she not have the right to walk out of an abusive situation? Does she not have the right to reach out to people who will help her get her confidence back? Why is she expected to face the same demons time and again when clearly they are not ready to change.

Patriarchal norms are so steadfast in a society that a woman absolutely has no wriggle space. Reviled for reaching out for help, reviled for going back to her parents place and basically just reviled for staying alive.

When will society wake up and realise that a woman’s abode is her choice of making. She cannot make a house her home where she is abused everyday. Where in the morning you invoke the goddess by prayers but abuse the goddess’s member by afternoon.

Image via Pixabay

Born and brought up in Mumbai. A feminist and a voracious reader.

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