The power of stories to inspire change made me turn into a storyteller. I write on 2 topics that need a very clear shift in attitude – ‘Being single in India’ & ‘Stigma attached to mental illnesses’

Voice of aaradhee

EQ Famine Is For Real, Stop It Now!

ust kindness is the answer to any situation. I’d pardon dishonesty and even lies in good measure. But unkind behavior is always a resounding ‘no’.

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men who date
5 Things That Men Who Date, Need To Have Courage To Do

Yes, we like dating, but not some of the creeps who come with it! To make it a safe and respectful experience, here are 5 things that men who date need to know.

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10 Hilarious Words Only A Gujarati Can Say!

A language carries the connotations of the culture it springs up from. here is an interesting look at 10 words in the Gujarati language.

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10 Things That Can Happen In A School Reunion: You Should Plan One Soon

Are you planning a school reunion? Here are 10 things that can happen to you. You will realize that no one better than the ones you grew up with!

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Talking To Little Children About Big Things

Talking to little children honestly about life and what they can expect, is more than just teaching them how to be physically safe.

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What Can ‘We’ Do About The Stigma Attached To Mental Illnesses?

The stigma attached to mental illness in India leads us to push mental illness under the carpet. Here are a few ways we can all help.

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Analogies To Help One Understand Depression And Other Mental Health Conditions

It’s easy to call someone crazy. But you might not even understand what the other person might be going through. Here are 6 analogies, which might help you understand mental health conditions.

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What Is It Like For A Single Woman In India On Tinder?

What is it like for a single woman in India on Tinder, looking for something more than a 'hook-up'? Revealing the men you meet on dating apps.

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helping a friend with mental health issues
Be A Part Of Our Happiness Too. We Are Not Just A Cause

Helping a friend with mental health issues at tough times is great, but do remember - everyone appreciates a friend to share happy moments too.

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Your Friend Is Struggling. How Would You Help?

The fight against depression often ends up being a lone war, because even well-meaning people may not care enough. If you had a friend with mental health issues, how would you help?

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Feeling Too Low? Pick Up The Phone

Seeking help for mental health is bogged down by stigma in India. This post tells you why you must pick up the phone and be unafraid to seek professional help.

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The Great Escape: Looking For Love In Your 30s

Looking for love in your thirties can be frustrating; thanks to matrimonial websites, their ridiculous demands, and the people that have profiles on them!

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‘Please Forgive Me’: 3 Words Every Person Considering Suicide Wants To Say

Many of us judge those who attempt suicide as selfish, or uncaring for others. It is important to not be judgmental of a person already in grief.

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How Would You Deal With Mental Illness In A Marriage?

How should one deal with a partner's mental illness? This insightful article has thoughtful suggestions on dealing with tricky times.

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The opposite of depression
The Opposite Of Depression: Not Happiness, But Vitality

What Is the Opposite Of Depression? The answer will make you think. Mental illness is closely related to other physical health problems.

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Help for mental illness in India
Waiting For Help For 31 Years

Waiting for help for mental illness in India, it's hard to believe the insensitivity that people suffering from bipolar disorder face.

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Embarrassingly Single In India

Being single in India is embarrassing - for anyone who hears of your single status!

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Mental Illness: It’s All In Your Head?

Why do we refuse to accept mental illness so vehemently? Ignoring your friend's mental illness does not make it go away.

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Don’t Single People Deserve A Weekend?

Don't single people deserve rest over the weekend too? Why do we assume that their weekends need to be filled up?

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Insurance for mental illness
Insurance For Mental Illnesses

Why is there no insurance for mental illnesses in India when so many people suffer from various manifestations of it?

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single people in India
How Extended Families Believe There Exists THAT Singles World

Do family members in India feel less need to maintain contact or show up for single people in the family? Why?

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Helping before suicide
The Blackness Of Suicide: The Time To Help Is Now

Helping before suicide occurs - many of those who wish to die seek help desperately. How can we be there for them?

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THAT World Of Singles

Is there a world of singles in India that is entirely different from what we think it is? A single woman speaks.

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Beautiful To Work

“Working late into the night is the unsaid part of being in the creative field” is a stereotypical statement to make considering it is not an everyday phenomenon. Assuming the statement is true as is, why do so many people join the creative fields given the fact that it’s all struggle and a small pay […]

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Mental Illness Is Embarrassing. Why?

The stigma attached to mental illness in India means that those suffering from bipolar disorder rarely speak out.

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