10 Things That Can Happen In A School Reunion: You Should Plan One Soon

Are you planning a school reunion? Here are 10 things that can happen to you. You will realize that no one better than the ones you grew up with!

Are you planning a school reunion? Here are 10 things that can happen to you. You will realize that no one better than the ones you grew up with!

I recently met a couple of my school friends after ages at the school reunion. So many conversations took place at and after the reunion. We even have a Whatsapp group now, which is 35 members strong and growing.

Here is what I learned after the reunion, which was after long 20 years.

Academic success or failure could mean nothing

It feels great to see everyone doing well for themselves. Even those who bunked and flunked.

People change usually for better. Anything is possible.

You feel surprised yet pleased to see some transformations.The very quiet boy who is now confident and fun. The little boys turned to good-looking men and the young girls turn into gorgeous looking women. The studious boys teach you some vices and the popular girl mellows down to an endearing level.

You will be fine no matter what sort of embarrassment you faced

Nothing is embarrassing around them. Nothing. The events that caused a lot of embarrassment to us today like the failure, rejection, being caught and punished etc. have all happened to us around these folks. Remembering those moments today leads to laughter.

Glorification of ‘busy’ costs us dearly

Bonds are renewed and new friendships begin. People get busy, move cities and even when they come back they may not meet much for no real reason. A reunion with school friends reminds one of how silly it is not to be in touch with these people and the bond is renewed. It sometimes gets stronger. Sometimes those who may not have been friends back then realize how much they have in common and a new friendship begins.

It truly is never too late

It is the best time to say the ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ that you always regretted not saying. It is time to do the things you regretted not doing like returning a favor or even a smart comeback you thought of much later. Confessions count too. People rarely get a chance to undo the regrets.

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Destiny can meet us anywhere

They say it is important for you to be friends with those you love. Who better than a school friend, to fall in love with.Cupid can strike anytime. Reunions are default-networking places too. Sharing occupations could lead to conversations about how we can help each other with a business or our jobs.

Technology has lead to weaker memories

Besides the fact that school friends will remember birthdays (remember the loud singing of the ‘happy birthday song’ and sweets distribution) and landline numbers (there were no cellphones and Facebook pages); they also remember names of your siblings, where you lived, how your mom looked or even where your parents worked.

An opportunity to rekindle the feeling of belongingness

Days of growing up are precious, by virtue of which the people we grow up with are precious too. We danced together, made mistakes together, celebrated victory and failure together (remember the interschool science fair you did not win), embarrassed ourselves together. Those precious 10-14 years of school give us a sense of belonging.

Our experiences make us who we are

They remind us of those stories that made us who we are. Somewhere in those conversations you could realize that 20 years back something so substantial had happened that it left a mark. Or we could realize that back then what seemed significant today may not be.

Nostalgia is a beautiful emotion

Days after you meet your old friends you keep discussing on messages or calls all the things that one had missed out talking at the reunion. Someone digs out pictures, someone remembers a name, someone remembers a story, someone gives us some gossip, someone updates us about recent happenings at school et. all. All of which warm our hearts.

If nothing at least you’d have had a great evening. So don’t feel bad that you didn’t feel some or any of these feelings.

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