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Posted: July 29, 2013

“Working late into the night is the unsaid part of being in the creative field” is a stereotypical statement to make considering it is not an everyday phenomenon. Assuming the statement is true as is, why do so many people join the creative fields given the fact that it’s all struggle and a small pay cheque? Till such time you make it big of course.

It is either slavery that rocks their boat or they are passionately in love with what they do. My truth is the latter. I started my career with one of the top ad agencies for a stipend of Rs.2000/- a month. My passion for the profession made me sign that contract. Today after just 10 years, I run my own advertising agency.

Here are a few more stereotypes about advertising agencies. ONE, ad agencies write slogans, how difficult could it be? Apparently not so difficult right? Given that the clients want to write them sometimes. TWO, agency people chat all day in the name of brainstorming and then leave office to head to a nightclub.

I think it is best I not defend this statement. Because we may end up revealing the secret that makes them shell out money for things they sometimes don’t need.

And then there is one stereotype that is absolutely true, “If you look and dress well, you will fit well in the advertising industry.” So true but so misunderstood. We are people who work very hard, party hard and come back to work looking awesome. It takes some commitment. I do it everyday.

If I were Megha in the Mia commercial, my reply to my well-meaning boss would be, “Yes I was working late last night, to ENSURE we had a beautiful presentation AND I made a dash home to come looking like I do, ‘beautiful’. Super right?”

Young Megha said it in her own way i.e. as beautiful as your work.

aaradheeFor me work is life and I make it beautiful.

My desk looks gorgeous, my visiting card holder is envied, the stationary on my desk is personal and expensive, my coffee mug is exquisite and I walk into office and to meetings with panache breathing my style.

I make an attempt to make “everything is as beautiful as my work.”

Here is what my ‘beautiful to work’ cabinet looks like

AND here is the MIA piece I am eyeing


And when I wear these, the client better have things to worry about like his campaign, his promotion and his job. In this very competitive world if he chooses to look at my… ring, who is at loss?

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