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How Was It Working With A Lady Boss?

I wondered why this notion is so rampant that it is difficult for women to work together. Work is work, and does someone's sex or gender matter?

I am working in a sector in which there are very few females. So, I rarely got to enjoy the little “gupshups” that enliven you. And I had never had a female boss till 4 years ago. When I heard about having the opportunity to work under one, I was ecstatic.

And no! There were no “sob-sob” stories. There were no “cat-fights”.

We enjoyed each other’s company to the hilt. I knew that she was my senior and respected her. At the same time, we both had a nice time in the evenings, when we would go out or simply chat, laugh and “gupshups.”

Easier to share troubles with

In fact, we had so much to discuss, that our conversations would never really end. We also found it easier to share our official as well as personal accolades/difficulties.

When I got transferred, one of the seniors asked with probing eyes, hoping to extract some nice stories, “How was it working with a lady boss?”

I decided to put all such stories to rest.

A boss is a boss – whether female or male.

I sat down properly and said, “Sir, it has been one of the best experiences of my life – one that I will cherish for a lifetime!”

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Didn’t you fight?

He looked at me with surprise evident on his face, “Didn’t you fight?”

I replied calmly, “We did have some differences during the course of work, but knew how to sort it without any ego issues.”

When I returned home, I wondered, why this notion is so rampant that it is difficult for women to work together. Work is work, and does someone’s sex or gender matter?

Why is it that two men working are supposed to have no issues, whereas two women are expected to always differ?

When will the mindset change?

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