Yes, It’s A Conscious Choice That I Am Enough!

Love can be celebrated in many ways. I am loved, by those around me and who are an integral part of my life, my family, my pets my friends!

In the words of the worldwide renowned therapist Marisa Peer, her self-improvement movement of ‘I am enough’ is exactly something that we single women need today.

It is a reminder to ourselves that we are exactly who we are meant to be and the best versions of ourselves, eliminating the thought of being ‘not enough’, and constantly trying to live up to unreasonable expectations, or norms that society has set for us.

Do I miss it?

Do I long for a romantic partner?

Do I wish I had someone beside me to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Do I miss receiving that love and affection?

Do I miss being held gently or caressed or even kissed?

Of course, YES, I am a woman like any other woman out there; we are genetically wired to crave this feeling of being loved. It’s been a long time now since I have felt that way, felt secure, felt wanted, felt unconditional love.

After my decade-long happy marital status, being back to riding solo isn’t always fun. You have to live with the memories that were, it sometimes feels surreal to think there was a time I had a man in my life who completed my world, and now the emptiness constantly haunts me.

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These are some of the biggest challenges faced by women who have been through separation, divorce, or breakup. It takes an immense amount of strength and courage to leave the past behind and march forward. It is hope and faith that lead the path, the journey into the unknown.

A conscious choice!

This Valentine’s, I have made a conscious choice to treat it differently. Love can be celebrated in many ways. I am loved, by those around me and who make up an integral part of my life, my family, my pets my friends, and for me, that is all that matters. Just be grateful for what you have, rather than constantly in the search of wanting to have what you don’t.

So each time I get beaten by life; be it that Instagram post of a happily married couple, of friends, settled with their perfect family, lovers holidaying at exotic locations, or others surprising their loved ones with romantic gestures!

Each time I come across all this I need to remind myself, I don’t need this cause ‘I am Enough’.

Happy Solentine’s Day to all the strong single women out there, it takes courage to be you!

Image source for #Solentine Post: Still from Chichhore, edited on CanvaPro

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