Time To Reset?

The uncertainties of the times need a serious do-over, its time to stand up for a change in one and all. 

The uncertainties of the times need a serious do-over, its time to stand up for a change in one and all. 

Why do we live in an age where everything seems to be ok? Why can’t we stand up and raise our voices and say No when it’s not ok?

Why do we have to be judged? Are we not too cultured or have no morality or ethics? Who has defined the way of living? Who has given us the right to decide what is right and what is wrong? Why are we confined to our conditioned beliefs, only to enter into a constant internal conflict within our minds? Torn apart from who we are and who we are supposed to be. Why can’t we just say no it’s not ok?

No its not ok, it’s not ok that we continue to live a life of unfulfilled desires and dreams, it’s not ok that we are told to give them up for our peace of mind.

No it’s not ok that some have it all and others are meant to continue a life of suffering. No it’s not ok that we work so hard only to realize that we are meant to fail, over and over again.

Lets make personal “political”

No its not ok for a mother to tirelessly work for her family, sacrifice her life for her kids, mercilessly toil day and night, she can’t stop, if she did she’d be blamed.

No it’s not ok either for a husband or for a wife to continue to be submissive to their spouse, to obey, to deliver, and to serve in silence. It’s not ok for them not to have an opinion or not able to raise their voice or even if required their hand if they feel defeated, pain or hurt or even betrayed. If they did they would be judged.

No it’s not ok for relationships that have endured for years to just fall apart, it’s not ok for them to just accept life and change their beliefs because life has defeated them, it’s not ok they become victims of fate.

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No it’s not ok for children to have to deal with the harshness of life at an early age. It’s not ok in the name of discipline they are deprived of love and care, it’s not ok they grow up damaged and unable to face the hurdles of life. Also its not ok for children to deal with the immaturity of their parents that half way through their journey they split their families apart.

No it’s not ok for our country to continue to raise an under privileged population deprived of the basic necessities of life. It’s not ok that we continue living in a polluted environment and cannot breathe clean air, continue to consume adulterated food, face unhygienic conditions, succumb to the daily struggles,  deprived of luxury living while every breathe of relaxation costs a lot more than breathe itself.

No it’s not ok we are a victims of inflation, economy crisis, global pandemic, climate change no it’s not ok we continue to live this way.

What is the norm now? When is the time to hit reset? Not in just the way we live, not in just the way we think, but also we need to reset who we really are and not who we are conditioned to be. It’s not ok that our existence turns out to be a mere waste of life, so when do we? When do we hit the reset?

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