I Find Intimacy Through Being Liberated Within

Intimacy is such a powerful word, and yet our first impression is always about it being physical.

For generations we have thought of intimacy as only being physical; the real definition somehow has come to become diluted over the years. Today being physical is only and only about sex and is often referred to as intimacy. But little do we realise to what intimacy can really be; limitless.

What does intimacy mean to me?

Many things, but above all for me intimacy means being liberated.

One needs to be able to have a profound relationship with their existence, with their life, with themselves. I derive intimacy in my life through my liberated being. Over time and experience, we come to draw our awareness to what this life or existence means to us.  Having this realisation we then strive to make a conscious choice every day to rise above just merely existing and to start living.

Bored with the mundane atrocities that life keeps throwing at us, and as women, we depict immense strength to keep enduring and marching forward. I have come to realise that by channelling this strength and directing it to a more intimate journey with myself I can accelerate life’s experiences to be a rather blissful one. By being liberated I feel I share a rather intimate relation with my life.

It’s about believing in yourself

It’s about believing in yourself and not being confined by what is expected of you. It is about channelling your thoughts and perspective towards life in a way that you want to see things and not how you are told to see them.

It is by taking your power back, to control and to react, to observe and to feel, to experience and to learn, to love and to set free. I’ve never felt more intimate with myself than being liberated, it is an adrenaline rush you feel when you have the power to control what happens to you. Be it the good or the bad, you take control.

This deep sense of intimacy I have with life makes me feel so complete, as I write this piece I can sense the divine power of being me flowing onto all of you too.

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