Third Eye Blind

An eccentric woman from Mumbai, living through the rose coloured glasses, one step at a time. I believe integrity and character are timeless catalysts that give us an impetus to survive through our undefined impeccable journey of life. My passions include writing, anchoring, love for animals, music, yoga, mindfulness & having loads of fun in life!

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Intimacy through being Liberated #FridayFuel
I Find Intimacy Through Being Liberated Within

Intimacy is such a powerful word, and yet our first impression is always about it being physical. For generations we have thought of intimacy as only being physical; the real definition somehow has come to become diluted over the years. Today being physical is only and only about sex and is often referred to as […]

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Yes, It's A Conscious Choice That I Am Enough!
Yes, It’s A Conscious Choice That I Am Enough!

Love can be celebrated in many ways. I am loved, by those around me and who are an integral part of my life, my family, my pets my friends!

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It’s Hard To Cope With Life When It Gets Derailed… Are We Equipped To Do That?

When my marriage ended in my mid 30s the set pattern of my life suddenly broke down, and made me think - do we really equip ourselves to deal with unexpected changes like these, growing up?

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Dear Society, You Had Chained Me To Your ‘Sanskaars’, But I Broke Them To Feel Beautiful Again!

As someone who had conformed to social expectations of a 'good woman', I had lost out on so much. I 'discovered' myself again when I let go of these chains after my recent separation. 

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Time To Reset?

The uncertainties of the times need a serious do-over, its time to stand up for a change in one and all. 

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