Let’s Stop Making Motherhood A Solitary Journey For The Women!

While motherhood is a beautiful journey, it is often a solitary one. Let's try to make it a journey of parenthood instead of only motherhood!

While motherhood is a beautiful journey, it is often a solitary one. Let’s try to make it a journey of parenthood instead of only motherhood!

The princess, when born, is introduced to this world like a fairy tale only if she’s born in the so-called privileged family. Our world is a competitive one and so is raising the children, both girls and boys. Parents shower the kids with all the goodness they can.

A girl grows up dreaming and trying to live her own dreams, following her ambitions and her career. Above all, I believe, the word ‘motherhood’ is one that moulds her completely. (You may disagree with me, but this is simply what I believe.)

To me, the word ‘Mother’ encompasses the feeling of love, warmth and care, but like every other good thing, this, too, comes with its own cost. In the journey of becoming a mother, certain changes are to be expected. The physical changes of having a baby and the responsibilities that come with it. But what one may not anticipate is how motherhood changes you from within and how it changes your inner-self.

It is a wonderful experience but it is also an invisible job

Being a mother is an exhilarating experience and children bring a whole new meaning to every moment of your life. They bring depth to every experience as a human. After becoming a parent, I have seen my life change in a way that I’d never imagined. My life was no longer my own.

The happiness of giving everything to your little one energises you but there are moments when you just want to run away from doing it all day and night. Some times, you really want to re-live your pre-baby days. At the same time, a smile on your baby’s face will make you forget everything and you’d want to play with him and feed him and watch him grow. And maybe, on your most tired days, you’d feel proud to be a mother, someone who created another life!

However, motherhood becomes an invisible job. You keep working all day long, but when you count, you are unable to sum it all up. All of this causes a lot of emotional fluctuation and often women are unable to balance themselves with the physical and mental changes. And usually, no one seems to understand that this is, indeed, a very big change in her life.

Everything, now, revolves around her child

After becoming a mother, we realise we not only have a new baby but also a new identity. It reminds me of a line I read somewhere, ‘Marriage was a minor blip but having a child was something different.’ People now look at her as a mother.

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Everything she does now, from her clothes to her lifestyle to her ambitions, need to go in sync with her child. Forget the lazy weekends, the me-time and outings, reading, and writing or your hobbies. Now you need to balance your life with the preferences of your child.

Being called ‘dad’ makes you feel proud and yes, you should feel so! But for it, you must also respect the mother of your children, love her and support her in every way during this important transition. When a child is born, the mother also gives birth to various other relationships.

It is overwhelming and she needs support!

She makes the entire family feel privileged but in most cases, she is the only one who bears all the responsibility of the child. The mother is the only one who keeps sacrificing everything for the kid. So keep loving her and at least calm her down during her emotional moments. 

So, the motherhood that makes us feel privileged also makes you feel overwhelmed and understand the real meaning of love and care. Let women not realise that her solitary life has come to an end but show her that together you can discover new dimensions of parenthood instead of just motherhood.

As a mother to a one-year-old, I sail in the same boat as my mother and see how much she cared and sacrificed to bring us here. Kudos to all the mothers in the world!

Picture credits: Still from Mother’s Day ads collection on YouTube

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