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The Social Judgments Working Women Face

Posted: May 8, 2021

While juggling multiple roles, don’t forget you are important too.  Make yourself a priority because no one else will with #KhayaalRakhna

With the various pressures that women face, what will it take for us to be respected for the choices we make?

Women of our society are the most easily targeted section, for both the good and the bad, especially in our country. We do favours for her and we become generous with reservations to her. We help her succeed in every field, we praise her and mention the boundaries she has managed to cross with your  help! All this, however, clearly shows that they are still considered weaker than their male counterparts – physically as well as mentally
Both study together at school and college and always compete together to stay ahead but then, why is there a difference at a later stage? If a married women is career oriented, she may be seen as bossy and terrible at taking care of her family whereas men always take pride in going out to work. Most people think that she has to work to contribute to the family income but no one accepts that she is equally concerned about her ambitions, just like men.
Working mums have to give their best at their workplaces without using the family as an excuse. At home, she needs to ensure that she does not fail in bringing up her children and support them so that they are not left behind in the race. As a homemaker, she is overwhelmed with societal expectations.
Most women have struggled and yet, have wanted to keep up in the race . They are forcefully taught to repress their instincts. Though only few can manage to reach the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, society saves itself by giving her the challenge of getting the tag of ‘Superwoman’ and she has accepted it. She want to be the best performer, best mum, best wife, best daughter or best daughter-in-law.
But is it easy to be a superwoman?
It’s fine if we say ‘no’  to some of the things we don’t know or don’t want to do. We can give our best in our areas of interest only when some of the things are removed from our ‘to-do list’. Before thinking of what others might judge you for, start thinking about what is good for you. No job is strictly meant for a woman or a man. A woman may help her husband in some of his work she is good at and a man can help her to cook dinner at night.
The motive here is not to prove that men and women are equal. The almighty God has of course made us biologically different but not different when it comes to our states of mind. We look forward to have a world where we are respected, in everything we do, of our own choice.  The actual revolution is still to happen when women will stand without standing on the backs of this generous society!
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