I love the beauty with which words tangle with human emotions and start relating to us! For me writing is 'me time' which definitely help me to soak in the reality of Life. Life teaches most relevant lessons. I am a blogger by passion and love writing about what life encompasses!


The Social Judgments Working Women Face

With the various pressures that women face, what will it take for us to be respected for the choices we make?

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Is Social Media Making You Social Or Stressing You Out?

Somewhere, it’s truly written that showing every good page of your life may attract an evil eye; believe it or not, but it may sound true at some point in your life.

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Have We Conditioned Men To Be The ‘Stronger’ Ones In Every Relationship?

Instead of dumping the responsibility of being the strong ones in the relationship, isn't it time we let the men be a little emotional?

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5 Things To Think Of When Someone You Love Might Succumb To Terminal Illness Soon!

We all travel the road of life that has death on its other side. It is the how and when that makes a difference.

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My Guide To Raising Happy And Confident Kids In These Trying Times!

It may take a village to raise your children. However, it takes a little less to help them grow into happy kids. Here's how you can do it!

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Social Media Making You Really Social Or Stressing You Out?

Every new platform, new app, new technology surely benefit us but when we start creating a dis-balance; it may ruin our life, our relationships, our special moments.

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Let’s Stop Making Motherhood A Solitary Journey For The Women!

While motherhood is a beautiful journey, it is often a solitary one. Let's try to make it a journey of parenthood instead of only motherhood!

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