Talk Openly About Periods With Everyone In The Family And Watch It Make A HUGE Change!

Period taboos need to be demolished, and we should talk about it openly with even the men in the family - here's why.

Period taboos need to be demolished, and we should talk about it openly with even the men in the family – here’s why.

Recently, we were traveling abroad as a family, and on one such day my daughter had a heavy flow on her first day of her period. We had gone out that day, and she was feeling uncomfortable with the heavy flow. She conveyed the same to all of us – me, her father and elder brother.

My husband immediately cut short the rest of the day’s sightseeing, and we returned to the hotel. My husband assured her that nothing mattered more than her comfort.

What is important is that she could comfortably discuss about her mood swings and the heavy flow in front of her father and brother, and both took great care of her.

Throw out that period taboo

Discussion regarding menstruation needs to be normalized in every family. A girl/woman faces physical and emotional issues every month. Instead of keeping quiet about it and bearing it in silence, or shunning it as a taboo topic, she needs to convey it to her family.

My husband and I have always been open with our growing-up children. I had told my son about menstruation when he was 11 years old. It has helped immensely as now he understands my PMS, his sister’s discomfort and knows that all girls need to be understood during these days. It’s like a normal discussion, no embarrassment, no discomfort.

That day once again I was happy that my daughter could discuss about hormones and period freely with the men of our home. It gives a great sense of freedom. The boys also become more compassionate once they know about the issues that the girls/women face.

Like all the other topics, let menstruation be also discussed freely in all the families and not shunned as a taboo topic. This is also a part of women empowerment and emancipation.

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