How Our Female Dog Helped My Family Break All Taboos About Periods!

Today, my kids are 14 and 8 years old and know a lot about menstruation. They are not repulsed by the sight of blood, and understand the importance of making her comfortable.

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Let’s STOP Hiding Our Periods From Boys & Men To ‘Protect’ Them From Discomfort!

Pads wrapped in black bags, talking to other women in 'code' about periods, changing channels when pad ads come on TV: we do our best to hide the truth of menstruation from boys and men.

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Bangla Film Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti Is A Clarion Call Against The ‘Impurity’ Of Women On Periods
Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti

Eventually the bahu manages to convince her marital clan that such restrictions imposed by a ruthless patriarchal society on women are illogical, baseless, unscientific, and grossly inhumane.

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3 As of Perimenopause — Awareness, Acceptance and Action

I realize that the need of the hour is to educate and generate awareness about perimenopause and menopause. For some women, depending on their genetics, it can last as long as ten years, followed by menopause.

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She Can’t Hear Me, But I Try One Last Time ‘Ama, I Am Happy Now; I Am Free… I Just Wish You Knew…’

This would be my first time alone, “I hope you come soon.” Covering my face with a dupatta, I had run towards the woods, consoling myself, “It’s just 3 days. I’ll be fine.”

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Talk Openly About Periods With Everyone In The Family And Watch It Make A HUGE Change!

Period taboos need to be demolished, and we should talk about it openly with even the men in the family - here's why.

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