Spatika Mozhi

Spatika Mozhi - The crystal clear language of my soul, untarnished by societal expectations. I am passionate about women's issues, and I sincerely try to expand my understanding of events beyond my current social standing. I try to stay optimistic about the future of women like me in our country.

Voice of Spatika Mozhi

Let’s STOP Hiding Our Periods From Boys & Men To ‘Protect’ Them From Discomfort!

Pads wrapped in black bags, talking to other women in 'code' about periods, changing channels when pad ads come on TV: we do our best to hide the truth of menstruation from boys and men.

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Why Do We Celebrate The Goddess But Are Violent To The Women She Represents?

During Navaratri, we revere various Goddess forms and celebrate her values that are intrinsically feminist, but do not flinch while being violent to the women she represents. Why this double standard?

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