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Why Can We Still Not Say The Word PERIODS In Public Yet?

Talking openly about periods is still taboo in most societies, even after something like the Padman movie. When will this change?

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When Will We Stop Selling Women Sanitary Napkins Wrapped In Black Bags?

The secrecy around periods and sanitary napkins can cause some shopping gaffes, as Sreeparna Sen discovered, rueing the fact that this still continues even today!

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Rosh’s ‘Bad Company’ Photo Series Encourages Us All To Talk Of Sex – Openly

Talking about sex is still a taboo in India. With her Bad Company series, Artist and photographer Roshini is changing this in unconventional ways. 

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Women Bleed Every Month. What’s Wrong In Saying It Aloud, That A DOCTOR Trolled Me?
women bleed every month

Menstruation is still a taboo in India. Justifies the trolls and comments Rimli Bhattachary received on twitter for saying out loud that she bleed every month.

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Why Imtiaz Ali’s Laila Majnu Will Still Be Relevant To Young Indians

The trailer of Imtiaz Ali's new movie Laila Majnu as released recently. Why does the Laila Majnu story continue to be so appealing to us in India?

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How My Mother And Teachers Socialized Me Into Becoming An Ill-Informed Woman

I was taught that a menstruating woman was impure, and that sex always causes pregnancy, among other things, by my mother and teachers, and had to search for my own answers later.

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