Inspiring stories around young women and periods, curated with Adira
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I Buy My Domestic Help A Pack Of Pads Every Month. Here’s Why I Feel It’s A Good Idea!

Your domestic help is a woman too - maybe you could take care of this small thing for her? It can make her life so much more easy - one thing she needn't worry about anymore.

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My Step Daughter’s First Period

She tried her best to talk to Arushi. But Arushi snubbed every attempt she made. She did not like Aditi telling her anything. Her response always was ‘Stop acting like my Ma!’

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We’re Not Blue-Blooded Women Who Must “Whisper” About Our Periods!

Times have changed, and girls and women should no longer have to hide that they are on their periods. For men, too, awareness is essential, to kill the taboo.

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Do You Know These 4 Essential Things About Menstruation?

There is a lot of information on the net about menstruation, but here are 4 things that I think everyone, boy or girl, man or woman, should know.

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How I Did Not Allow My Periods To Come Between My Sports And Me

Think we need to stop playing sports on period days? Think again! A young girl’s story of playing Kabaddi ‘on those days’ will have you smiling.

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How My Mother Liberated Me From The Fear & Shame Around Periods

A mother’s matter of fact approach to menstruation resulted in a daughter seeing periods as something positive and stains as normal. An empowering period story! The time comes in every girl’s life when her mother introduces her to the concept of puberty and menstruation. I was no different but perhaps, the way it was introduced […]

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