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Should We Practice Yoga During Periods?
Should I Practice Yoga During Periods?

This International Yoga Day, we dispel the myth of "no yoga during periods" myth! Yes, we can practice on yoga during menstruating days!

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5 Period Hygiene Tips That I Wish I had Known Sooner!
5 period hygiene tips that I wish I had known, sooner!

Still wondering what to do with the bloody panties? Here are 5 period hygiene tips and health tips that I wish I had known, sooner!

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Premenstrual Syndrome – You Know That Feeling When Nothing Feels Right?

We don't get a sick leave for Premenstrual Syndrome. It doesn't show up on a thermometer, and gets us out of our chores and work!

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Talk Openly About Periods With Everyone In The Family And Watch It Make A HUGE Change!

Period taboos need to be demolished, and we should talk about it openly with even the men in the family - here's why.

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You’re Not ‘Down’, You’re On Your Period. Period.

While talking of periods, we have forever used the term, "I am down" however, it is time to change that and start using, "I am on my period," instead!

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I Buy My Domestic Help A Pack Of Pads Every Month. Here’s Why I Feel It’s A Good Idea!
a pack to share

Your domestic help is a woman too - maybe you could take care of this small thing for her? It can make her life so much more easy - one thing she needn't worry about anymore.

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