I Buy My Domestic Help A Pack Of Pads Every Month. Here’s Why I Feel It’s A Good Idea!

Posted: September 4, 2018

Your domestic help is a woman too – maybe you could take care of this small thing for her? It can make her life so much more easy – one thing she needn’t worry about anymore.

She asked me: do you have an extra one?

I was startled… what did I have an extra on of? I asked, a little confused.

She didn’t reply, so I again asked her what exactly do you want?

She looked around and sheepishly, shyly asked me, do I have cotton or cloth?

I said yes a lot of clothes, why do you need them? And then she turned around and went into a corner asking me to come here, and then asked me do I have something for that?

And then I understood; I immediately went to my cupboard and handed her the pad.

That day I didn’t realize it, but again after 4-5 months, she requested me for one in an emergency, and the sorry tone rang the bell in my head.

My maid is a big help to me, always there in need. I always bought her gifts, clothes, things for her kids etc. as she was a sweetheart.

But that day I realized something about her and her important days; why she is using still a cloth?

A friend suggested a share, Yes, and then I started working upon #apacktoshare.

Whenever I buy my monthly pack I buy a pack for her too. This won’t burn a hole in my pocket, but I can gift hygiene to her at least.

I hereby appeal or say request, as you take it, to all my dear women friends, that when you buy a pack of sanitary pads just buy one more to share, yes you heard it right! Buy one more! For whom?

Well, for the one in need, or the one who still is too shy to buy for herself or can’t, and uses a cloth.

Either for your maid or for her daughter or anybody who you think is in need of it.

Let it be a monthly habit as it’s hardly going to burden your pocket.

I know dear Padman has already shared this information on widescreen, but still, there are women out there who are using cloth washed and cared for in unhygienic conditions, which can be the reason for infection or other diseases etc.

So try and share a pad, gift her a smile and some comfort.

This share will be a great share instead of sweets etc., and we can also teach them how to use and also dispose of it properly.

I hope my word can bring a smile to the face who had spend years in discomfort.

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  2. Pragun this is the best thing to be done 🙂 God bless you for supporting her. I have a househelp at my mom’s place too but will make sure to help her for her young daughter’s. Never thought about this situation.

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