Criminal Justice Unmasks The Benevolent, Nice Man Who ‘Loves’ His Wife In Public

Society is full of 'nice' men who seem to be loving, supportive husbands in the public eye. But only the couple knows what's behind the doors.

Society is full of ‘nice’ men who seem to be loving, supportive husbands in the public eye. But only the couple knows what’s behind the doors.

I recently binge watched Criminal Justice season 2 on Disney Hotstar. The first season was quite good though dark, disturbing and grim; so was the second season. But all-in-all a nice series.

A very relevant point was raised in this story, about domestic abuse and marital rape.

The tormentor is a high-profile, respected man in the society where everyone believes that he loves his wife but the fact is that day in and day out he controls his wife, tortures her, makes her believe that she is mentally unstable. The wife on the other hand starts believing that its her fault and is also ashamed to admit the domestic abuse. Even her own father believes that since she is leading a luxurious life, she is happy and has no issues.

This is the harsh and dark reality of the society. Many men who are tormentors and abusers are the so-called educated, respected, ‘normal’ persons for the society, even for the girl’s parents, and no one would believe that they are abusers.

Abuse is not just physical violence. Controlling a woman’s life, keeping a track of her day-to-day activities, spying on her, humiliating her, keeping a track of every penny spent by her, trying to make her feel unworthy all sum up to abuse. It’s ironical that the tormentor has no remorse, whereas the women are ashamed to admit the atrocities that they face for years.

A lot needs to be changed in terms of social conditioning of both men and women. So many women suffer silently, lose their confidence, lose the beautiful years of their life, lose their happiness…

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