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It Is Criminal To Condone The Abuse Behind Closed Doors In A Marriage By Saying ‘Sacred’

Behind Closed Doors, a Netflix documentary movie tells the true stories of three brave women who are domestic abuse survivors. It made me think of marital abuse that is ignored by Indian society.

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But He Didn’t Mean It!

The very next day, he would be the same man she had loved. It was like the previous episode had never happened...She told herself firmly, he was probably just having a bad day at work, or stressed, or troubled.

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8 Things You Should Know To Deal With Gaslighting As A Survivor
how to deal with gaslighting

How to deal with gaslighting, if you are in any emotionally abusive close relationship, not just a romantic one. How do you help yourself as a survivor?

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We Need To Call Out All Shades Of Patriarchy Not Just Overt Domestic Violence

There are so many shades of patriarchy that are not as disturbing as actual domestic violence that can scar or kill, but we need to to uproot all these for real empowerment.

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A Friend Request. But Would Her Husband Be OK If She Accepted It?

They have had this argument before. "I won't like it if you talk to anyone but family on Facebook", her husband had made it clear earlier. She doesn't want that episode to be repeated.

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