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Princess Diana
8 Ways Her Husband Broke Princess Diana, That’s A Brutal Reality For Too Many Married Women

With the abuse she faced from her husband, the Princess Of Wales lost everything to her marriage: her essence, her joy, her title, her confidence, her sanity, all her hope and eventually her life!

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Dear Controlling Parents, What Gives You A Right To Control, Manipulate, Gaslight Daughters?

So, we stay where we are and continue the fight. We continue speaking up. In small and big doses. In articles like these. In family conversations. Over the dinner table and in big gatherings.

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My Horror Story As A Schoolgirl In A Relationship With An Older Guy Who Hit Me

I didn't realise I was getting so deep into this abusive relationship with an older guy as a teenager, and barely escaped only because my mother decided to talk to me about it.

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‘Inspiring’ Movies Make A Buzz – But Are Our Privileged MEN Taking Notice Or Changing Abusive Ways?

Aren’t women trained to be puppets, serving their 'masters', never thinking for themselves? How do we get the others sit up and take notice that WE MATTER?

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Criminal Justice Unmasks The Benevolent, Nice Man Who ‘Loves’ His Wife In Public
criminal justice 2

Society is full of 'nice' men who seem to be loving, supportive husbands in the public eye. But only the couple knows what's behind the doors.

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I Regained My Lost Self Esteem By Standing Up For Myself; You Can Too!

I had fallen in with people who controlled me, and lost my self confidence. But I have since come out of that spell, and am telling you to stand up for yourself.

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